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This policy applies to alumni volunteer leaders who represent chartered MSU alumni regional clubs, Affiliated MSU constituent alumni groups, approved MSU alumni interest groups and international alumni groups and designated alumni volunteer leaders requesting and receiving information from the Advance data system at Michigan State University.

  1. Information contained in the system is the exclusive property of Michigan State University and may be used only as prescribed herein. As an agent of the University acting on behalf of the University, you agree to abide by this policy.
  2. Official uses of data from the system include acquiring and disseminating alumni, donor or Friends of the University contact information (through database access and data sets) for the support of approved, University-related activities.
  3. Prohibited uses of data from the system include, but are not limited to, any personal, political, religious, or commercial use, as well as any use not directly related to the business, and for the benefit, of Michigan State University.

Appropriate Uses or Dissemination of Data Information from Advance CS and the University:

  • All information viewed or retrieved is to be kept confidential at all times and may not be published, reproduced or disseminated electronically.
  • All information is to be used solely to promote the programs and priorities of the University and its affiliated alumni clubs and groups.
  • The use of alumni data beyond immediate alumni club or group communication is strictly prohibited, and once used the data file must be deleted or destroyed.
  • Data may be retransmitted to an appropriate printing service, mailing service or internet service under contract with the alumni club or group for its official communication. Once used, the service must delete or destroy the Data file.
  • This online agreement shall serve as a binding agreement for the request and receipt of Data from the University. By clicking the "I agree" option, the requestor agrees to abide by these rules and regulation, by way of this electronic signature.
  • All persons seeking individual alumni contact information should be directed to the MSU Alumni Association's Online Directory - a membership-based benefit.
  • All requests for alumni information from media representatives (Television, radio, newspaper) must be forwarded immediately to University Relations.
  • In all cases involving the use of outside vendors or contractors, the absolute confidentiality of the information provided from the MSU constituent database is the responsibility of the requesting alumni club or alumni group.
  • Misuse of alumni data and these policies will be referred to University legal counsel for possible further legal action.

Policy Compliance: Failure to abide by any of the policies stated within this document will result in the denial of access to MSU constituent information. By clicking the "I Agree" button contained on this page, the requesting party affirms that:

  • They have read and understand these policies.
  • Failure to abide by these policies will result in the denial of access to MSU Constituent Data.
  • I ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for the information's ultimate use and that the information disseminated adheres to these policies.
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