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Goals and Objectives for MSU International Alumni Clubs

An MSU alumni club exists to provide a linkage between Michigan State University and its former students and friends. An international alumni club is encouraged to:

  1. Provide networking opportunities for MSU international alumni.
  2. Provide an opportunity for MSU alumni to receive information about their alma mater.
  3. Help alumni to sustain an emotional bond with their alma mater.
  4. Enhance the image of Michigan State University and its alumni.
  5. Meet a minimum of two (2) times each year with MSU international alumni from the particular geographical region/country.
  6. Inform the MSU Alumni Association of planned activities and post-event details (photographs, etc., if possible). Every attempt will be made to include these items in the MSU Alumni Magazine.
  7. Assist the University by encouraging recruitment of local students for MSU's undergraduate and graduate programs. A student recruitment committee should be formed in the MSU international alumni club for this purpose and the chairperson should be in contact with the International Club Director in the MSU Alumni Association and the Admissions Office at MSU.
  8. Assist the University's need for international internship opportunities, job openings, and study abroad experiences for MSU international and domestic students seeking overseas assignments.
  9. Foster alumni involvement in the University through development activities.
  10. Work to establish an MSU scholarship program.
  11. Provide the MSU Alumni Association with correct addresses, fax numbers, and email addresses for MSU alumni and friends.
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