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Evite is a great tool to use when planning activities with your club. An evite is an email invitation, and is used to replace a formal invitation.

The evite is created on by you through choosing one of a number of different templates and then sending it to whomever you have added to your evite address book. (You can import addresses from any internet email address book, and also from a yahoo group account).

After the invitation is created, it is sent through email and people will receive a link to to post their responses to the invitation on a communal evite. All who receive the evite can see who was invited, and can see all the responses. The site will send people reminders about the event, changes and updates as you add them as well as provide directions to the location.

People who receive the evite are able to forward it to others (i.e. other alumni they know, that you do not!) as well as view all other responses. Evites create a fun environment, and they encourage people to attend an event when they are able to see who else is attending.

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