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When a regional club requests a contact list of alumni, friends of the University or MSUAA members, the list will be sent via email in the Excel format. The University considers this contact information CONFIDENTIAL, and the list may only be used one time for a club mailing or electronic communication. Your list will be sent with the following Privacy Statement:

  1. Please note that this information is considered CONFIDENTIAL by Michigan State University, and this information can only be used in conjunction with official business related to the Michigan State University Alumni Association and its officially chartered Regional Clubs, Constituent Groups and International Clubs. It is expressly forbidden to give this information to other parties or sell this information to other parties.
  2. This information is only as accurate as reported by alumni to the University. Returned mail should be sent to the MSUAA so that the University can continue updating its master database. This is an invaluable service our alumni clubs and groups provide.
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