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An "Attendee List" is an invaluable way to track alumni and friend who attend your club event. A clipboard at your registration table can be used for folks to "sign in" and provide updated contact information that can be used for your club's communication and for the University to update official alumni and donor records.

A copy of your event's final attendee list, with contact information, should be sent to the MSU Alumni Association main office. It helps us and the University to know how your club has engaged local alumni and friends of MSU.

Information that you collect should include:

  • Name (First name, Last Name)
  • Current home address (street, city, state and zip code)
  • Preferred telephone number (home, cell or office)
  • Best email address (many folks have multiple emails)
  • Year of graduation, academic degree (can be used to match official records)
  • For event records, a "paid" field for event accounting

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