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The Big 10 Conference hosts 11 world class University's whose member institutions share a common mission of research, graduate, professional and undergraduate teaching and public service. Big 10 Alumni are proud of their heritage and share a common pride in being associated with the Conference.

Coordinating with other Big 10 alumni clubs in a geographical region can be extremely beneficial. Along with getting to know other Big 10 Alumni in your area, a well developed relationship can enable shared event planning. Competition can be encouraged between clubs to increase event attendance. Combined participation in service or charity events can yield a great turn-out to benefit a good cause.

The best situation would enlist a representative from each University to serve on a Big 10 Board or Council. To find a contact person for Big 10 Clubs in your region look to the alumni association web sites and most should have links to regional contacts. If a web search does not yield a name call the offices directly, explain your purpose and ask if they have a contact for your area. Big 10 Alumni Association links:

The Big 10 Board/Council would write it's own by-laws, have its own executive council and committees as well as create a Big 10 bank account with a yearly contribution from each school. The Council should be charged with planning at least four events a year targeting all regional Big 10 alumni.

The responsibility of planning the events can rotate to different schools or a couple schools can pair up and take charge of the same event each year. We've listed a few event ideas below that are fun and relatively easy to plan. Minor/major league athletic event with a Big 10 tailgate. Adding a tailgate event before the game can significantly increase your attendance and encourage some friendly interaction between schools. It's fun to encourage alumni to show their school pride and bring a flag to hang. A food drive coordinated with a football/basketball watching event.

Look at the Big 10 football or basketball schedule and try to find a day with the most televised games. Create a competition between schools with a prize for the school that collects the most money or caned goods at the event. Make sure someone brings plenty of boxes to collect the goods. Check with some of your local sports bars that usually host Big 10 watch parties and they may donate a happy hour or free appetizers for a club event to the winning team.

The Big 10 Council should not have to pay for prizes; usually you will be able to get them donated especially if the Clubs already have a relationship with the establishment. A Big 10 golf outing. Some clubs already do golf outings but if you have not planned one before it is a great event. Planning your first can be a little challenging but between the council/board representatives split up the responsibilities. You can plan a 9 or 18 hole scramble with a dinner following. Awards can be given during the dinner. This event may be a great opportunity to encourage participation of alumni young and old(er).

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