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Golf Outing

Many alumni clubs host golf outings as a means of raising funds for the club treasury and for scholarship endowments. Some clubs have annual events that bring repeat participants; other clubs do smaller events from time to time. The links below will take you to example documents that have been created by regional clubs to help with your planning. TIP: Contact a club with a successful golf outing and ask questions on how to make your event a success.

Freshman Picnic

In late July or early August each year the MSU Alumni Club of Metro Chicago invites all incoming freshman and their families to a free luncheon. Initially it was held as a barbeque by Lake Michigan, but the last few years has been outdoors at Jim Higgins establishment.

Just the freshman, their families, club board members and special guests are invited. Its purpose is to introduce the alumni association and MSU, answer questions, let them meet others headed to MSU and generally make them feel good about their choice. Initially the incoming freshman sit with their families, but by the end of the day they are gathered together exchanging email addresses and finding out each others dorm assignments. We have gotten a number of families to join MSUAA.

Euchre Tournaments

Remember when you were a student - and Euchre was a great way to meet new friends?

A number of regional clubs tell the MSUAA that Euchre Tournaments are very popular in their area. Cherie Swarthout, President of the Charlotte-Piedmont Alumni Club, tells us tournaments are very popular on the East Coast.

Says Cherie: "We play 8 games. Each player deals twice in a game. If nobody calls trump, the dealer must. Winners stay - Losers move to the next table. Scoring is by total points earned over the 8 games. Winners split up and are paired with losers coming to their table. In the event of a tie after 8 hands, one more hand is played to determine the winner." This is one approach; there are others.

TIP: Here's a great Blog site for Euchre Tournaments:

Volunteer Event

A volunteer event is a great way to get people involved in your club, and it looks great for your club as well. These events can be tricky because for some events you will get many volunteers, and very few for others depending on what peoples interests are. People can be very particular what they will volunteer for, but it is also important to do an event where people from your club can work with each other and get to know new people.

First it is best to survey your group to see if people are interested in a volunteer event, and what type of volunteer event they are interested in participating in. Once you have an idea of what people are interested in, and about how many people you can get, then you want to start contacting local nonprofit organizations or volunteer groups. In many areas, there are groups whose purpose is pairing volunteers and groups with organizations that need volunteers. There are also some national organizations that do this as well. A few of them are:

Any of these organizations are a great place to start, but contacting organizations directly is great as well. Most organizations have either a volunteer coordinator, or someone who is responsible for volunteers. This person can give you an idea of where the most need is, and how many people they would like. If you are not aware of nonprofits in your area, you can also contact your local United Way organization (, and they can also point you in the right direction because they work with many local organizations.

Once you have an idea of what organization you would like to work with, you can plan the volunteer event. It is best to start small, because you do not want to disappoint the organization. These organizations often depend on volunteers, and not bringing the number of people you promised does not make your club look good and can hurt the organization. You can always plan more events for the future, or plan a second event if you have more people sign up than the organization needs.

One thing to remember is that although you may want to volunteer for an organization, sometimes that organization may not need your group. This can be for a number of reasons: they already have enough volunteers, they require volunteer training for all volunteers, they cannot accommodate the number of people in your group, etc. Do not get discouraged! Just remember that there are many more organizations that can use your help, and would be very grateful, so continue to look around.

After the event, make sure to check in with your alumni who were involved to make sure you meet their needs and do the same with the organization. Maintaining a relationship with the nonprofit can be beneficial for both of you, and would allow you to have future events that would not require as much planning on your part. This is a great way to get new people involved in your club, so you want to make sure to keep them involved after the event.

This should help you get started in the world of volunteering, and the organizations you work with should be able to help you out with any questions you have. Overall, the most important thing to remember is that volunteering should be fun. So, go have some fun while helping out for a great cause! Go State!

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