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Greetings fellow Spartans and welcome to the Michigan State University Alumni Association Toolbox, your toolbox. As a member of the National Alumni Board, Past President of the MSU Alumni Club of Metro Chicago and organizing Co-Chair of the Chicago Broad Alumni Network I am pleased to introduce you to this great resource. The toolbox as presented is not a finished product, but the start of what we hope is providing you, our club leaders, with some of the resources you need to help make your job just a little easier. I hope to give you a little background behind this project, a peek at what we hope to provide; a sort of coming attractions and an appeal for your feedback and support in making this a dynamic, vital tool in club operations. This tool box should never be complete, but always growing in the ways it can support the Clubs and Leadership of the Michigan State University Alumni Association.

This toolbox is an outgrowth of feedback the MSUAA staff has received from the regional clubs, input received at the 2006/2007 leadership conferences and a desire by the MSUAA and national board to increase the strength of commitment delivered to our regional clubs; that they may deliver greater value to their members; the alumni and friends of MSU.

This toolbox as it stands today provides highlights of a number of the regional club's best practices and templates of how to establish and run a club as well as examples of some various club successes. The MSUAA is well aware of the different challenges clubs face based on their size, financial resources, and even proximity to MSU, so it is hoped these items can be adapted to your specific set of circumstances.

One of the primary goals of the MSUAA is to increase the consistency of communication we provide our alums. We hope to be a part of our alumni's lives from graduation, through the growth of their families and career development and on into retirement; that we, all of us, as part of the Michigan State University Alumni Association, can facilitate that goal.

To that end we hope in the near future, to provide you with a better means of communication, making it is easier for you to maintain or establish your data base, websites and other communication platforms to more easily promote your events and outreach. One integrated platform we can all use to give greater benefit to being a member of the MSUAA, being part of a virtual Spartan community. We hope to make it as interactive as possible and as soon as possible.

The MSUAA staff worked hard to establish this framework, now we want your help in its continuing development. We want your feedback, details on your successful programs and projects, and most of all to know what you need. Please use the President's list serve, email or call the MSUAA or best of all use the suggestion box built into this tool box.

It is our goal that the Regional Clubs can use these tools to help develop strong, diverse and inclusive operations of their own. That when one club develops a successful program or procedure, other clubs can benefit. All too often in the past we have had our leaders spending too much time reinventing the wheel.

This first major step towards simplifying and improving club operations can only be successful if you help make it so. Please let us know how we can help you.

Go Green and let's all work towards Victories for MSU!

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