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International alumni located in geographical regions throughout the globe are capable of helping Michigan State University in many ways. Among the most important are:

  • Building the reputation and prestige of Michigan State University.
  • Helping with student recruitment at the undergraduate and graduate school levels, including assisting at student recruitment fairs and speaking to admissions applicants about their experiences at MSU.
  • Providing employment opportunities for graduates of MSU.
  • Identifying internships and study-abroad experiences.
  • Indirect marketing of Michigan State University in their geographical region of the world.
  • Finding overseas placements for MSU students.
  • Fundraising, especially for student scholarships.
  • Gaining publicity for Michigan State University.
  • Assisting with curriculum development, chiefly related to their geographical region or their field of study.
  • Providing research links.
  • Meeting with MSU administrators, faculty, staff, and students visiting your geographical region.
  • Supplying sources of invaluable local information.
  • Monitoring local press coverage and, when appropriate, placing press releases locally;
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration between Michigan State University and other institutions (i.e. joint degrees, overseas study programs, etc.).
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