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Iceland Expedition for Young Alumni

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Tour Description

Photo of Iceland Expedition for Young Alumni

Iceland attracts visitors year round not only for its nature and culture, but also for the powerful forces beneath the earth's crust. This four-day program features the highlights of this young geological country.  Visit Þingvellir in Southwest Iceland, where the Eurasian and North American plates are slowly drifting apart, creating a remarkable rift valley. See nature unspoiled with spouting geysers, active volcanoes, tumbling waterfalls, towering mountains, lava deserts, and sparkling iceberg-filled lagoons. Fjords, glaciers, and highlands present visitors with some of the most beautiful and enchanting landscapes. Reykjavik, Iceland's friendly capital, offers plentiful cultural and social happenings in addition to an abundance of first-class restaurants, interesting boutiques, museums, art galleries, and a legendary nightlife.