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Expedition to Borneo

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Event Description

There is no true nature and adventure traveler whose heart would not beat faster when hearing the word "Borneo." It is an irresistible paradise extensively covered with the oldest rainforests on Earth, rugged mountains, rivers, caves and headhunters. During the last 100 million years, unique life has evolved to this land, such as orangutans, proboscis monkeys, pitcher plants, the rafflesia, macaques, elephants and hundreds of birds. This tour is sure to be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! And what makes this tour a unique experience; it will be led by MSU Alumna, host and wild life biologist Jessica Pociask. Join us for a presentation on Borneo and Brunei featuring Want Expeditions owner & operator and MSU Alumna, Jessica Pociask, Tuesday, February 12, 2013 to learn more about this adventurous trip.

Tags: Travel