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  1. It's a pride thing.

    Membership is one of the most affordable ways for alumni and friends to demonstrate their pride in Michigan State University and support for the numerous programs offered by the MSU Alumni Association.

  2. Seriously, what else can you get for less than 13 cents a day?!

    You heard it right, Spartans: An annual membership for one MSU alum is $45 - less than 13 cents a day. Take advantage of phenomenal money-saving benefits (see No. 9, below), and recoup your investment in no time.

  3. Membership improves our competitive advantage.

    U.S. News & World Report references alumni engagement as one of several measures of quality used to rank major universities in the United States. MSU's ranking, therefore, directly impacts the perceived value of your diploma. When it really counts - when you're vying for that dream job or applying for graduate-school admission, or when the university is recruiting new employees, students and athletes - we all want to trust that our degrees and MSU's ranking give us a competitive advantage.

  4. Get 3 memberships for the price of 1.

    At no additional cost, you may become a member of up to two college alumni clubs of choice, as well as your regional alumni club - your Spartan home away from home. Participate in social- and professional-networking activities at the college and local levels, including reunions, seminars, game-watch parties, career fairs, scholarship planning, community service, charitable giving, event planning, mentoring and fundraising - or volunteer to serve on your college or club's board of directors. You must define up to two colleges of choice to ensure allocation of your dues. Regional club membership occurs automatically based on your geographic location.

  5. Sharpen your leadership skills.

    Take advantage of unlimited opportunities to serve on governing boards for your national and college alumni associations, as well as your regional alumni club.

  6. Your Spartan connection

    Alumni Association membership keeps you connected in a variety of ways, not the least of which is a quarterly subscription to the award-winning MSU Alumni Magazine or monthly @MSU e-newsletter. Subscriptions are part of your member benefits package. Plus, enjoy free access to the MSU Alumni Online Directory to connect with former classmates, and use our Alumni Association Group on LinkedIn to find Spartans in virtually any industry, city or company. Lost contact with a special MSU alum? Contact your MSU Alumni Association and we'll do our best to help you reconnect.

  7. Professional and Personal Enrichment Opportunities

    No matter where you live, you can grow professionally and personally through our Alumni LENS (Lifelong Enrichment for Spartans) programming. Certificate programs, bi-weekly webinars, in-person offering and events livestreamed from East Lansing are only a few of the ways that you enhance your skills or discover your next hobby.

  8. Save BIG on benefits.

    There are some 500,000 living MSU alumni worldwide. That equates to a heck of a lot of buying power when we go to the table to negotiate group discounts on behalf of our members. We want to make sure we offer benefits that allow you to keep the bulk of your hard-earned dollars where it belongs - in your pocket. Here are but a few:

    • For most adults, auto, home and renters insurances are mandatory according to state and federal laws. MSUAA members save hundreds of dollars each year when they enroll in our comprehensive property-casualty insurance products. Why should you pay more?
    • Whether you're looking for your first big gig right out of college or you're in between jobs, affordable short-term health insurance gives you the peace of mind you'll need to focus on more important things.
    • Moving out of the area? Stevens Worldwide Van Lines offers members a pricing-and-valuation discount of up to 65 percent.
    • Whether you're home or away, members can stock up on Spartan merchandise and enjoy in-store and online shopping discounts at the Spartan Bookstore at, or call 800.267.4700.
  9. It's the right thing to do.

    Former MSU President John A. Hannah once said, "Up until this time, Michigan State University could have disclaimed you, and you could have withdrawn from the university at any time. But when the university issues your diploma to you, it places an indelible stamp of approval on you, and you become a part of this university forever."

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