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  • Join the MSU Alumni Association and be active in the many MSUAA programs that support MSU. Join online or call (877) MSU-ALUM.
  • Serve on the International Alumni Board of Directors for the MSU Alumni Association and provide valuable ideas for alumni programming.
  • Become active in your regional alumni club and serve on its board of directors or one of the club's committees. A portion of your membership dues are returned to your degree college and to your local alumni club each year.
  • Serve on the board of directors of the alumni group of your College, Department, or School.
  • Represent MSU at a college night or college fair sponsored by your local high school and help with Michigan State University student recruitment. Contact us at (517) 355-4458 or via email.
  • Make sure that MSU admissions materials are available to students in your high school, or encourage them to check out the online MSU Virtual Tour if they're unable to visit in person.
  • Acquaint yourself with the State of Michigan's allocation of state funds to the State's universities and colleges. Write letters to state representatives to encourage legislation that will narrow and eliminate the funding gap that currently disadvantages Michigan State University.
  • Become active in regional club fundraisers that provide needed scholarships and textbooks for MSU students.
  • Communicate with your college, department or school to learn how you can help. Click here for a list of links to individual colleges.
  • Support MSU athletics by purchasing season tickets or contributing to the Spartan Fund.
  • Familiarize yourself with facts about MSU so that you can be an ambassador for the University. Write letters to the editor and participate in radio talk shows whenever MSU's interests are discussed.
  • Encourage gifted students to consider the many MSU programs and opportunities that will allow the full development of their gifts.
  • Familiarize yourself with the "do's and don'ts" of NCAA compliance. Do not place MSU at risk of NCAA violations. Refer the recruitment of all student athletics to an MSU coach. Visit the MSU NCAA Compliance Office web site for all the details; be sure to read through the booster section.
  • Inform the MSUAA of your changes of name, address, phone number, and email. Email to:
  • Write to the MSUAA executive director with suggestions about alumni programs or membership benefits. Send email to:
  • Visit MSU's web sites and offer your constructive feedback about design and content.
  • Become knowledgeable about notable achievements of MSU students, alumni, and faculty. Brag about them when you have the opportunity. A helpful source of information, is the MSU Alumni Magazine, which MSUAA members receive four times each year.
  • Visit MSU and see firsthand all the changes on campus and learn about new MSU programs. Homecoming is the perfect time to visit campus. Upcoming events and programs are listed on the MSUAA home page. Hundreds of photographs and reports of previous MSUAA events are also archived for your reference and enjoyment.
  • Inform the editor of the MSU Alumni Magazine about your promotion or any other career achievements or tell us about another Spartan that you know. Send your information via our online Letter to the Editor form.
  • Discover the fun of traveling with other Spartans on MSUAA International tours or travel study programs.
  • Encourage the young Spartan in your family to become involved. Present him or her with a gift membership in the MSUAA.
  • Tell us about job opportunities and internships for MSU students and alumni that exist in your company, community, or city. List job openings on the Official Alumni Association Group on LinkedIn.
  • Raise the level of your donations to MSU. University Development officers can help you define your gift to the University, your college, departments or special programs. Visit University Development online here.
  • Contact the MSUAA (see contact info. below) to get the names of the University offices that can help with any of these suggestions.
  • Would you like to suggest other ways to help MSU? Email your ideas to:

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