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Adding a chapter to my Spartan Saga

By Amy Pochodylo
Published on: May 23, 2012 | Posted in: Homecoming Blog
Amy Pochodylo

Sitting in the front row of the student section during the Homecoming football game my freshman year, I marveled at the members of the Homecoming court. I could only dream that I would someday find myself in that same spot. I pretty much decided that it wouldn't happen and put it from my mind. There were a few moments over the next few years that I thought about how incredible it would be to represent MSU on the Homecoming court, however. A particularly memorable one was when I was flying into the Lansing Airport on a beautiful spring day and we flew over the football stadium. I was so overwhelmed with school pride that I'm pretty sure I scared the person next to me. As I looked down at Spartan Stadium, I imagined what it would be like to stand on the field at halftime and knew that I had to apply.

The application process was difficult; trying to put all of my love for Michigan State into a few paragraphs proved to be a challenge. I could've gone on for pages and pages about why I bleed green and white (feel free to ask me sometime... but be warned, I might talk for hours).

When I got the call that I had been selected to be a member of this year's Homecoming court, I couldn't believe that my freshman year dream was coming true. I am thrilled to get to represent Michigan State as a court member and am honored to be surrounded by eleven other amazing Spartans on the court.

I am really looking forward to meeting Spartans of all ages and backgrounds this year. Every Spartan has a different story, and I want to hear as many I can. I want to tell as many alumni as possible how incredible Michigan State still is and how much better it gets every day. I'm excited to add a new chapter to my Spartan Saga- one that is sure to be chock full of fun, friends and great memories.

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