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Student Organization Reception

By Michelle Gaunt and Sara Sherman
Published on: June 11, 2012 | Posted in: Homecoming Blog
Michelle Gaunt mingles with an MSU alumna.
Photo by Jodi Roberto Hancock

Nervous excitement filled both of us on this sunny June 7th afternoon - the day of our first Homecoming Court obligation. Neither of us really knew what to expect but were excited about the opportunity. "Mingle with the alumni" was our task and this assignment caused the hour to fly by quicker than a blink of the eye. The one hour we had included the fond memories and entertaining stories of past generation Spartans.

We were surprised to hear about the conservative atmosphere that surrounded the Michigan State University campus life more than 50 years ago. It was fun to hear women giggle about their breaking of curfew (curfew was 11 p.m. Sunday-Friday and 1 a.m. on Saturday) and the consequences received from their residence hall housemothers. Each hall had its own housemother who would monitor the activity in their building, giving the students a sense of security. We were told that they hardly ever locked their dorm rooms because there was no reason to worry...and hitchhiking home for the holidays was a norm! These women explained to us that students often lived in the same dorm room for their four years at MSU - much different from our current off-campus housing trend. Women were also required to adhere to a strict dress code, wearing skirts every day except Saturdays. Could you imagine that today?!

Sarah Sherman talks with MSU alumnae.
Photo by Jodi Roberto Hancock

The men we chatted with shared their strong sense of pride for the fraternity houses that they had been active with. It seems that Greek life has always been a prominent source of social life at this university, but now there are so many more opportunities to take advantage of in this vast community at MSU.

It's funny that these Spartans felt liberated by what we might consider conservative values because 50 years prior to them, women were barely welcomed into the academic world and most men were preparing to serve their country or their family. It's crazy how much things have changed since this generation of Spartans began their journeys. We can only imagine what it will be like 50 years from now, but we can guarantee that there will still be an incredible community that bleeds green and white!

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