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Past Recipients

2003 Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Service Award

Mr. Richard E Cregar

Mr. Terrence Dale Jorgensen

Dr. Orville C Krause D.V.M.

Ms. Susan Jean Unger

Honored along with her spouse Ti Unger who was nominated bythe College of Communication Arts

Mr. Timothy Joseph Unger

Mr. Robert S Workman

Distinguished Alumni Award

Mr. Craig D Brown

Craig Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Eli Broad College of Business, majoring in accounting, in 1973. Vicki Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in the College of Education, majoring in special education, in 1975. He is now president and CEO of Keelers Ridge Associates, LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. In addition, he owns the Greenville Drive baseball team, an affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. They actively support academic and athletic programs at MSU. Craig also serves on the Athletic Director's Advisory Council and chairs Spartan Innovations. Formerly, he oversaw the MSU Foundation Board. In recognition of their generosity, an area of the Spartan Stadium North End zone bears their names. The Browns also belong to MSU's Empower Extraordinary President's Capital Campaign Cabinet.

Mrs. Stella Hall Cash

Mr. Joseph Michael Colucci

Gen. Donald Graham Cook

Ms. Mary Ruth Dawson

Dr. Felipe Korzenny Ph.D.

Dr. Steven Arnold Leibel M.D.

Mr. Jack D Sweet

Dr. Jacqueline Diane Taylor Ph.D.

Dr. Clarence Underwood Ph.D.

Mr. Paul Harrison Woodruff

Honorary Alumni Award

Dr. Helen K Grace

Dr. John Hardie Hoagland Ph.D.

Mr. Thomas Izzo

Mr. Van W. Snider

Philanthropist Award

The Honorable Dolores M Cook

Mr. Byron J Cook