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  1. What is the Spartan Pathways travel program?

    The Spartan Pathways travel program is offered by the Michigan State University Alumni Association and provides domestic and international travel to alumni, their families and friends in a comfortable group setting. A Spartan Pathways tour provides camaraderie with fellow Spartans while experiencing local customs and educational opportunities. These programs also provide social, cultural, and recreational activities as well as many opportunities for learning enrichment.

  2. Do I have to be an Alumni Association member to travel?

    Yes. Travel is a benefit of Alumni Association membership. Forty-five dollars ($45) establishes a one-year single membership with all other Association benefits. Joint membership is $55. Children under 18 may travel on their parent's membership. If you would like to travel with us and are not a current member, you can sign up online or call (877) 678-2586.

  3. Can I bring family and friends who are not alumni?

    Yes. Travel tours are open to all Michigan State University alumni, their families and friends of the University.

  4. How do I reserve a space on a trip?

    You can call Spartan Pathways (888) 697-2863 to sign up over the telephone or fax the reservation form to (517) 355-5265. Or you can mail your reservation to: The MSU Alumni Association, 535 Chestnut Road, Room 300, East Lansing, MI, 48824. Checks and money orders should be made payable to the tour provider listed on the trip specific brochure. You may also sign up directly with the tour provider by calling their toll free number listed in the brochure.

  5. Who makes all the travel arrangements for the Spartan Pathways travel program?

    Our programs are designed and managed by experienced tour providers who specialize in providing trips for alumni associations. We select the most reputable and experienced travel companies chosen to meet the high standards demanded by the Michigan State University Alumni Association.

  6. Where can I find information on the tour providers used by the Spartan Pathways travel program?

    Click here for information on the Spartan Pathways tour providers.

  7. Should I sign up for travel insurance?

    We strongly recommend that you be adequately insured against last minute trip cancellation and other travel related risks. In the event that you are unable to travel due to illness, family illness or unforeseen circumstances, purchasing travel insurance will help to recoup monies you have paid. Travel insurance will also cover the cost of trip interruption, delays, medical emergencies and evacuation, loss of baggage or baggage delays and any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have.

  8. How do I sign up for or obtain information on travel insurance?

    Upon receipt of your reservation and deposit, the MSU Alumni Association will send you a confirmation letter that will include information and an application for travel insurance. We offer Travel Insurance Select through Travel Insurance Services (T.I.S.) based in Walnut Creek, California. If you have questions regarding travel insurance coverage or costs you can reach T.I.S. directly at (800) 937-1387.

  9. How do I get on the regular mailing list?

    Just call (888) 697-2863 and we will add you immediately.

  10. How many people typically travel on Spartan Pathways trips?

    The number of travelers can range from 20 to 40.

  11. Will MSU travelers be the only group on the tour?

    Typically No. Most of our travel programs will include groups from other colleges and universities. Partnering with other groups increases the chance that the trip will not cancel.

  12. Are trips canceled when participation is low?

    Even when participation is low, our trips generally do not cancel. However, in some cases, if our tour provider is unable to meet minimum requirements to operate the trip they may be forced to cancel or change the trip to alternate dates. In the event a trip is canceled by the travel provider, all funds paid will be refunded.

  13. Can I remove the air component from the travel package to use my frequent flyer miles?

    Yes. Our tour providers will give a discount if you prefer to make your own air arrangements to the destination city. However, if you choose to make your own air arrangements and not travel with the group you will be responsible for arranging your own ground transportation between the airport and hotel. Be aware, some hotel locations can be as much as two hours or more away from the airport.

  14. Why do I have to pay more if traveling alone?

    Trip pricing is based on two people sharing the cost of the hotel room or ship cabin. If you are traveling alone there will be no one else to share in the lodging expense. Therefore, a single traveler must cover this entire cost, instead of half. Please note that the single supplement for a cruise is generally much higher than a land trip since a substantial portion of the total trip cost is the ship cabin. If you would like to request to have a roommate and not pay the single supplement, our tour providers will try to honor your request, but there is no guarantee that a roommate will be available. If you sign up and request a roommate and none is found you will be responsible for paying the single supplement costs.

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