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AESU Travel
(800) 638-7640

AESU, an international tour operator with offices in Baltimore, Milan, Italy, Athens, Greece, Vienna, and Austria, was founded in 1977 by Fritz Satran. The first to specialize in Young Alumni travel, AESU pioneers dynamic, adventurous tours that increase young peoples' understanding of culture, history and language worldwide.

AHI International
(800) 323-7373

AHI® is a creative travel company recognized around the world for its design and operation of exclusive travel programs since 1962. Their deluxe programs cover the world from Europe to Asia, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and are distinguished by innovative itineraries and an unwavering commitment to service and quality. AHI has consistently met and surpassed the expectations of the most discerning international travelers. Many repeat clients boast 15, 20, even 30 trips and AHI truly offers the highest level of service in the U.S. travel industry.

Go Next
(800) 842-9023

For over 34 years Go Next has been offering travel opportunities to various destinations throughout the world. As a company, Go Next is dedicated to creating and operating high quality, reasonably priced travel programs based on an understanding of our customers' expectations and service to them. Their travel programs are uniquely designed and sold exclusively through established organizations such as professional associations, employee and retiree groups, alumni associations, and financial institutions. Years of experience in careful planning and attention to detail allows Go Next to offer tours of exceptional value that appeal to people of diverse age groups and keeps value-conscious travelers in mind. Participants have the opportunity to tour on their own, or select from a wide choice of planned, informative excursions.

Thomas P. Gohagan & Company
(800) 922-3088

Gohagan & Company develops and operates deluxe group travel programs for America's most prestigious museums, colleges, universities and cultural institutions. The Company's unique itineraries and educational components are paired with the style and comforts of the world's finest cruise ships, trains and hotels and enhanced by world-class guides and academic experts. Designed with the knowledge and insight provided by more than 20 years of experience Gohagan & Company travels from the pristine wilderness of Antarctica to the unfolding mystery of China, from the Celtic Lands of Britain to the bustle of Istanbul's bazaars, from the medieval villages of France to East Africa's game parks, from the spectacular Dalmatian Coast to Russia and the great countries of the Baltic. En route, Gohagan & Company passengers don't just see the world, they experience it.

Odysseys Unlimited, Inc.
(888) 370-6765

Odysseys Unlimited is the leader in affordable, high-quality, small group travel. Founded in 1998, the company is committed to developing, marketing, and operating excellent international and domestic tours that will generate repeat travelers long into the future. By limiting their tours to small groups of just 12 to 24 guests, they provide a more intimate, authentic, and memorable experience than is possible on tours of 40 or more. They are able to take advantage of unique, inter-cultural experiences that are not possible with conventional groups. Our small group tours and small ship cruises span Europe, Asia & the Far East, Africa, the Americas, Antarctica, and Australia & the South Pacific. Odysseys Unlimited currently serves more than 50 of the most well-known and respected special interest groups in the U.S. ranging from cultural and natural history organizations to college and university alumni groups.


Orbridge focuses exclusively on designing small, intimate departures for like minded groups. They understand the needs of each group, and tailor their itineraries, accommodations, food, and excursions to meet those needs. They understand each group is different and have a large degree of flexibility built into each program to allow for the group's maximum experience. They concentrate only on destinations where they can offer superb experiences and expertise. Through their unique itineraries, excursions and local knowledge and resources, their tours peel back the layers of a region, showing passengers a unique view of the areas culture.

Safari Legacy

Safari Legacy's philosophy is to offer exclusive experiences and unrivalled service on every safari in a sustainable way and to share their zest for adventure and life, conservation and knowledge, magical landscapes and cultural experiences and unforgettable magical Africa. They are a mix of young, energetic and enthusiastic professionals, headed by a group of experienced individuals with over 40 years experience managing and operating the safari company. Safari legacy's goal is to be recognized as a leading safari specialist that provides seamless, safe, personalized, comprehensive and trouble-free unforgettable safari experiences. They strive to offer world-class quality delivered in a warm and welcoming atmosphere that reflects their pride and company spirit. Their purpose is to provide a better understanding and appreciation for nature so that the earth's great natural wonders are preserved for the benefit of future generations.

TCS & Starquest Expeditions

For more than twenty years, TCS & Starquest Expeditions has pioneered world travel among premium travel tour companies. They operate innovative journeys by private jet, with an emphasis on in-depth educational experiences and highly personalized service. They are also committed to enhancing the environmental, social, economic, and educational conditions of the places and people they visit. Travel the world knowing that TCS & Starquest provides outstanding service to communities around the world.

WANT Expeditions

WANT Expeditions, LLC. - Wildlife & Nature Travel is the world leader in highly personalized, conservation-oriented small group travel, connecting travelers, adventurers, photographers and conservationists from all over the world through expeditions to see the most amazing natural phenomena that exist on our planet. They have a strong reputation for professional, attentive services, unique itineraries and outstanding tour leading experiences. As company owners, and expedition leaders, they have four main goals; to create the most in-depth and authentic travel experiences on Earth, to maintain the most talented and experience guides, both inside and out of the industry, to promote responsible tourism and sustainability projects in developing countries, and to constantly strive for improvement.

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