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There are lots of things to remember when planning to travel. Spartan Pathways provides a wealth of useful travel tips to keep in mind:

Passport/Visa Information

If you have never applied for a passport you must apply in person. This may be done at a passport office, county clerk's office or at some post offices. When you apply for a new passport, you are required to have in your possession...

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Packing Tips

How to pack without wrinkles: Wrinkling is caused both by underpacking (which allows clothes to shift) and by overpacking (which squishes clothes). To avoid wrinkles, pack lightly but tightly...

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Travel Insurance

The MSU Alumni Association has selected Travel Insurance Services to provide travel insurance for Michigan State alumni and friends...

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Other Travel Tips

Tips ranging from how to deal with jet lag, to guidelines about U.S. Customs.

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Useful Travel Links

Links to more useful information for traveling...

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