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Historical Baseball Tour

Photo of Historical Baseball Tour

To see more on this tour, watch this video.

Time and again referred to as America’s National Pastime, the game of baseball has helped play a key role in the shaping of our nation.  Join us on this historical baseball experience that will take a deep dive into the historical aspects that make baseball the game we enjoy today.  We will visit two historical baseball parks in Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park.  The tour will include behind the scenes tours, live game action, and spend time in Cooperstown to get a private tour of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

“I went on the Historic Baseball tour with my brother-in-law. Neither of us had been on a tour like that before but we were both thoroughly impressed with the whole thing.  We heard this was a first for SET with the baseball trip. You could have fooled me! The hotels were top-notch, the stadium tours were memorable, and we were especially impressed with how they arranged for a welcome talk from the Vice President of the Hall of Fame and a private gathering with the curator. He had Ty Cobb’s baseball glove and Honus Wagner’s bat sitting on a table for us to walk right up to!!  I don’t know if you are a baseball fan, but trust me, that was BIG!  Ryan and his staff from set were on top of everything and were great hosts. Their baseball expert on the trip was a great addition as well. We met some great and interesting MSU Alumni as well as some great people from other schools. It was just a really great trip all the way around. I highly recommend SET for any tours in the future.  My wife and I will definitely be back for another trip sometime with the MSU Alumni travel program.”  MSU Alum, David Kutsche ’80 & ‘84