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Alumni Club Toolkit

Toolkit Contents

Through community service, scholarship and alumni relations, the MSU Alumni Association and our alumni clubs represent Michigan State University throughout the globe. There are five primary standards that characterize our work – leadership, fiscal, communications, engagement, and philanthropy.

The alumni club toolkit is a compilation of resources that range from the essentials of basic alumni club administration to fundraising for scholarships, as well as the For Club Leaders By Club Leaders series which provides examples of successful programs and strategies that alumni club leaders have utilized.

If you have a suggestion for a resource you'd like us to add to this toolkit, please contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email or by calling (517) 884-2106.


Alumni club senior sendoffs/alumni picnics are an excellent way for the local Spartan community to gather and welcome the newest local additions and their families to the larger Spartan family and send them off to the banks of the Red Cedar. Below are resources to assist alumni clubs in planning these events. 

      • Alumni Club Senior Sendoffs/Alumni Picnics overview
        A general overview intended to assist alumni clubs in planing their event, including a recommended timeline and how to request data
      • Eventbrite/Nvite tips
        Tips to maximize the effectiveness of Eventbrite and Nvite, including what details to include on an event registration and the recommended information to collect from registrants
      • Data best practices
        Data is always changing, so alumni clubs should request updated email and/or mailing lists from the MSU Alumni Association on a regular basis
      • Permissible use of data obtained from MSU
        Any data obtained from MSU is considered confidential and can only be used in conjunction with official business related to the requesting alumni club

Data Requests
Alumni clubs are responsible for determining the guest list and inviting guests to their senior sendoff/alumni picnic. Data sets are available for the following groups - incoming students (freshmen, transfer and graduate), current students (undergraduate and graduate), alumni, non-degree, and friends. Alumni clubs should not contact Office of Admissions and/or the Office of the Registrar directly for these requests.

To obtain a list of incoming freshmen/transfer/graduate students and/or current students:

If your alumni club does not utilize the iModules platform, to obtain list of alumni, non-degree and friends:

If your alumni club utilizes the iModules platform:

    • Use the Mailing List Request tab of the Club Admin Panel only if you need mailing addresses. Otherwise, updated alumni, non-degree and friends emailed addresses are already in the query created for the alumni club


RESOURCES FOR GIVE GREEN DAY 2018 coming by September 2018




Ensure that alumni clubs are operating at the most effective level from a leadership standpoint, and recruit and retain effective volunteers.

For Club Leaders By Club Leaders Webinars


Ensure that alumni clubs are operating at the most effective level from a financial standpoint.

Alumni clubs shall not use Michigan State University’s non-profit status or tax exempt number for club business. The MSU Alumni Association cannot make recommendations or provide guidance on obtaining non-profit status.

Alumni club activities are not covered under Michigan State University’s insurance. The MSU Alumni Association cannot make recommendations regarding liability insurance. It is suggested that alumni clubs seek the counsel of a local attorney and/or insurance professional who is experienced in working with volunteer organizations and who can best determine and explain a club’s options if an alumni club wished to obtain insurance to protect their assets.


Amplify Michigan State University’s brand within the market, and inform alumni of opportunities to engage with Michigan State University.

For Club Leaders By Club Leaders Webinars


Connect Spartans through experiences that add value to their lives, personally and professionally.

For Club Leaders By Club Leaders Webinars

Supporting document for this webinar


Increase awareness and value of giving to Michigan State University

For Club Leaders By Club Leaders Webinars