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Alumni Club Toolkit

Toolkit Contents

CONNECT. SERVE. INVEST. Through connections, service, and investment, the MSU Alumni Office and our alumni clubs represent Michigan State University throughout the globe.

The alumni club toolkit is a compilation of resources that range from the essentials of basic alumni club administration to fundraising, plus tools for specific initiatives, including Give Green Day and Spartans Will. Serve and Global Day of Service. We've also got links to the monthly calls with the MSU Alumni International Board, and videos from the Alumni Club Leaders Summit.

There's a lot of great information here, so take some time to look through it. We've organized this by placing some of the initiative-specific resources at the top. Following that, there five primary categories – leadership, fiscal, communications, engagement, and philanthropy - into which general resources that pertain to that topic are placed.

The contents of this toolkit are continuously evolving, and we want it to be of use to our alumni clubs. If you have a suggestion for a resource you'd like us to add to this toolkit, please contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email or by calling (517) 884-2106.

Effective April 17, 2019, the MSU Alumni Association will now be known as the MSU Alumni Office. The MSU Alumni Association moved away from a dues-paying membership organization in July 2016. Our new name aligns well with this shift, focusing instead on supporting diverse engagement opportunities for our alumni and friends.

This change is effective immediately, but because the use of the word “association” is throughout many of our communications and materials, it will take a while to remove all references, including in the toolkit materials on this page. Our goal is to have any mentions of “association” completely removed by December 31, 2019.

We know that many of our alumni clubs utilize "MSUAA" and “association” in your outreach and social media. When referring to the MSU Alumni Office, any of the following is acceptable:

  • Michigan State University Alumni Office
  • MSU Alumni Office
  • MSUA Office
To encourage more alumni, students, parents, and friends to find and engage with their local alumni clubs, the MSU Alumni Office will be actively promoting involvement in alumni clubs through storytelling and social media prompts.

For this to be effective, it should be easy for our alumni and friends to recognize their local alumni clubs. For the purposes of the MSU Alumni Office’s website directory, graphics, communications, and social media campaigns, we are employing a consistent format of “ABC Spartans” for all club names. “Spartans” is an inclusive term and the “Spartans” name is very recognizable. The “ABC” is reflective of the alumni club's city, county, region, or state.

Many of our alumni clubs are already using this “ABC Spartans” format, but we’re requesting that each club review all of their external materials - website, social media channels, communications - and make updates as necessary.

  • Alumni Club Names
    Confirm what your updated alumni club name is.
  • Alumni Club Name Update Tips
    Information and guidance for how to update your alumni club name, including social media information.
  • The MSU Alumni Office has created new wordmarks for each club. These wordmarks are available in the “Wordmarks” folder in your club’s specific file in the File Share tab of the Club Admin Panel. Note: All clubs have jpg and png files. If you need an eps file for merchandising, contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email or by calling (517) 884-2106.

All name updates should be made by September 16, 2019.



      • Link to the Club Admin Panel
        The Club Admin Panel is the primary “database” of our alumni clubs. The information is used to communicate directly with club leaders, and on your club’s behalf. If you or any of your alumni club board members are not getting the monthly Alumni Club Leaders Update or initiative specific information, e.g., Give Green Day, from the MSU Alumni Office, confirm that all board members are listed in Club Admin and that their email address is correct.
        Clubs can also obtain graphics, including their office club wordmark, and other materials for MSU Alumni events, and request mailing lists, using the File Share tab and Mailing List Request tab respectively of the Club Admin Panel.
        If you've forgotten your username and/or password for the Club Admin Panel, refer to page 1 of the Alumni Club Certification directions below.
      • Elected a new board member, changed your club mailing address, added an club Instagram account? Any changes to your alumni club information should be updated in your club's record in the Club Admin Panel. Check out the Alumni Club Certification directions if you need some guidance on how to do this.
      • MSU Alumni Club Brand Basics 2018
        Adhering to MSU's brand guidelines is important in alumni club communications, events, and when creating any promotional items. Understand the correct uses of the Spartan helmet, what MSU's "colors" and fonts are, how to use your alumni club's wordmark, and how to obtain MSU photos.
      • Tips for Creating an Event in Eventbrite & How to Collect the Best Guest Information
      • Ready to create an event in Eventbrite? Click here to go directly to the Nvite hub to get started.
      • YouTube playlist
        The playlist contains a number of videos that can be used by clubs, including the MSU Fight Song, MSU Shadows, MSU in Motion, MSU Facts, GiveGreenDay, Global Day of Service, plus the monthly calls with the MSU Alumni International Board.




The university-wide Day of Giving, #GiveGreenDay, is held in conjunction with Giving Tuesday, and is an opportunity to give back and make a difference to impact current and future Spartans.

    • The #GiveGreenDay toolkit in intended to provide alumni clubs with tips and tools to help you capitalize on this opportunity. You will find suggestions, samples, resources, timing, and other information on how your alumni club can effectively leverage this national day of giving in support of your club’s scholarship.

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SPARTANS WILL. SERVE is a year-round initiative, and is our way of showing the world the extraordinary impact Spartans make through service. This organized, collaborative effort brings Spartans together to serve others in their communities while demonstrating the reach and power of the Spartan network.

Every year in April, as part of the SPARTANS WILL. SERVE initiative, there is a Global Day of Service to harness the power of this spirit of service, and demonstrate what Spartans can do in a single day. Save-the-date for 2020 - Global Day of Service is set for Saturday, April 18.

      • The SPARTANS WILL. SERVE toolkit in intended to provide alumni clubs with resources to help you capitalize on all of your service opportunities throughout the year. The Project Planning Guide and additional resources will assist your alumni club in effectively leveraging this initiative to engage alumni in your community.
      • We strongly encourage alumni clubs to use the SERVE.MSU.EDU website to register all of your service projects throughout the year. By doing so, the MSU Alumni Office can assist in promoting these projects to alumni through email and visibility on our social media channels.

      • Registering a Service Project on
        This document also includes information on how to register donation/drive-type service projects or service projects that require volunteers to also register with a community partner.
      • I'm ready to register an alumni club service project - take me to SERVE.MSU.EDU!

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        • Data best practices
          Data is always changing, so alumni clubs should request updated email and/or mailing lists from the MSU Alumni Office on a regular basis. This resource provides a general overview of data best practices, how to request data and the importance of alumni clubs in maintaining data integrity.

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Conference calls are on a variety of topics pertinent to alumni club leaders. All files are audio files.



The Alumni Club Leaders Summit was held on May 17-18.



Ensure that alumni clubs are operating at the most effective level from a leadership standpoint, and recruit and retain effective volunteers.

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Ensure that alumni clubs are operating at the most effective level from a financial standpoint.

Alumni clubs shall not use Michigan State University’s non-profit status or tax exempt number for club business. The MSU Alumni Office cannot make recommendations or provide guidance on obtaining non-profit status.

Alumni club activities are not covered under Michigan State University’s insurance. The MSU Alumni Office cannot make recommendations regarding liability insurance. It is suggested that alumni clubs seek the counsel of a local attorney and/or insurance professional who is experienced in working with volunteer organizations and who can best determine and explain a club’s options if an alumni club wished to obtain insurance to protect their assets.


Amplify Michigan State University’s brand within the market, and inform alumni of opportunities to engage with Michigan State University.

A variety of graphics for social media and other uses are available in the File Share tab of the Club Admin Panel. Check the following folders - Alumni Club MSU Brand Design Elements; Alumni Club Social Media Graphics; and Alumni Club Graphics for Sign Holders. Additionally, special event, athletic event, and MSU Alumni Office event graphics and sample social media posts will also be placed in the File Share tab of the Club Admin Panel as deemed appropriate.

MSU Communications also has a selection of university photos available for download at no charge. All photos are suitable for social media, websites, and print.

If you have a suggestion for a resource you'd like us to add, please contact Elizabeth Wheeler via email or by calling (517) 884-2106.

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Connect Spartans through experiences that add value to their lives, personally and professionally.

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Supporting document for this webinar


Increase awareness and value of giving to Michigan State University

      • Alumni club scholarships
        A list of alumni clubs that have MSU-held scholarships, the scholarship names, and a link to contribute
      • Alumni club scholarships overview
        If your alumni club is interested in establishing a scholarship, contact Jennifer Bertram, Senior Director of Development for University Scholarships and Fellowships via email or by calling (517) 432-7330.

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