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Day of Giving

The Power of a Single Day

Give Green Day

If you’ve ever spent time with a club scholarship recipient, you know the power of your investments in action; young teachers inspiring elementary students to dream big dreams, researchers who went on to grad school with the self confidence and inquisitiveness you helped fire, and a new generation of leaders who embody the best of what we define as a Spartan’s Will.

Within this page you’ll find resources for this year’s Day of Giving, what we are branding as #GiveGreenDay 2017. It’s a helpful tool kit that will leverage our partnership to maximize contributions to your alumni club scholarship funds and minimize hassles. We even have an opportunity for those of you who don’t currently have a university held fund to support MSU students.

  • Supporting MSU Students

Michigan State University’s university-wide Day of Giving, GIVE GREEN DAY, will be held on Tuesday, November 28 in conjunction with Giving Tuesday – a global day of giving that is held on the Tuesday after the retail-focused days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. GIVE GREEN DAY is led by University Advancement’s Marketing and Communication Team (UA) and involves staff from Annual Giving, UA Communications, and the Alumni Association (MSUAA). The ultimate goal is to engage alumni and friends in an online effort to make real-time, easy, and secure gifts in support of students.

From 12:00 a.m. – 11:59 p.m. EST. Spartan supporters worldwide will be invited through social media, email, and on-campus events to participate in MSU’s Day of Giving by giving their support either financially or by helping spread the word via their own social media channels. During the 24-hour period, Spartans and friends will have a chance to support 29 specially selected projects as well as any other of the 5,000 funds at MSU…and that’s where your club comes in.

On this page, you will find suggestions, samples, resources, timing, and other information on how your club can be a part of this initiative. It is important to note that the Give Green Day website is scheduled to go live October 28.

This is the perfect time for you to take your club's philanthropy to the next level by:

    • Promoting your club's expendable or endowed MSU held scholarships
    • Promoting your club's philanthropic efforts by supporting the MSU Alumni Association National Board Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Your Impact: Inspiring Others to Action


During the hype stage, we recommend alumni clubs make it “all about you” and why generating funds for your MSU held scholarships is important for your club and the students of your area. WHY is this important to you? WHY should people care? WHAT is the impact you are having on MSU students?

How do you do this? This is all about telling your club's story. This is your chance to get others to buy into the importance of your efforts behind what you do and why you do it.

Find an opportunity to tell the stories of the students who have received funding because of your club's efforts.

  • What was their benefit?
  • How have they been successful because of your club?
  • Do you have any direct quotes, testimonials, videos, or photos?
  • Pull at your audience’s heart strings. Make them want to be a part of what you’re doing.

The story of Max O’Connor and the St. Louis Spartans is one we all know (and if you don’t, you’ll be excited to read more here). For the St. Louis Spartans, there was little doubt that Max had all the makings of a Spartan, he just needed the financial help to get him here. This story is powerful and inspiring and has all the “pieces” needed to be a successful driver of scholarship and endowment donations.

For clubs with iModules, if you will be sending any emails in advance of, or on Day of Giving, where the primary purpose of the email is a request for alumni to give to your scholarship or other funds at MSU, please be sure that your emails are sent under the “Support MSU” category. This will ensure that anyone who has asked not to receive solicitation emails from MSU will be excluded, and anyone who unsubscribes from a Day of Giving email will still receive other emails from the clubs.


MSU has been working to create assets for you to use to promote your club's MSU held scholarship for the Day of Giving. These files are available online now for your use. Please be sure that you download and review the instructions that are provided for each set of graphics as they provide details on requirements for usage.

Additionally, we’ve created a short video with some tips on how to amplify your messaging leading up to, and on #GiveGreenDay, and recommendations on how to tag and mention the MSU Alumni Association on social media in order to increase your club's visibility and reach.


In addition to the digital assets that will be provided, we have also created custom links and a set of instructions for you to use to promote your MSU held scholarship. These links give you the ability to promote a pre-populated "gift cart" where anyone clicking on your link will be taken directly to a gift cart with your MSU held scholarship already in it. What is a gift cart and how does your club use theirs? Check out our gift cart overview. To track your club’s progress throughout the day, we’ve created some simple instructions and you will need the honor roll link/URL for your specific scholarship. If your alumni club would like to give away an item(s) to donors who contribute at specific levels during #GiveGreenDay 2017, please review this information.



If your club doesn't have an MSU held scholarship you can still help support students by championing the MSU Alumni Association National Board Endowed Scholarship Fund. This is the fund that we are encouraging clubs without MSU held scholarships to support, if they so desire. The fund was established in 1999, and provides support to undergraduate students who have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher, who have applied to an MSU-sponsored study abroad program. 

To assist you in promoting the fund, we’ve collected some quotes and photographs of seven students who have studied abroad.


We’ve crafted some examples of social media posts that you can use on your club's digital media channels.

Additionally, we’ve created a short video with some tips on how to amplify your messaging leading up to, and on #GiveGreenDay, and recommendations on how to tag and mention the MSU Alumni Association on social media in order to increase your club's visibility and reach.


In order to help you promote the MSU Alumni Association National Board Endowed Scholarship Fund we have created a custom link you can use to drive supporters directly to a pre-populated "gift cart" with the fund already inside. This link ( ) should be all you need to get started and is included throughout the social media posts we mention above.

To track your club’s progress throughout the day, and that of all the other clubs supporting this fund, we’ve created some simple instructions and you will need the honor roll link/URL for the MSU Alumni Association National Board Endowed Scholarship Fund.

What Does a Successful Promotion / Campaign Look Like?

Based on the feedback we've received from groups that have led extremely successful communication campaigns, we've compiled the following advice:

  • Find someone within your club that reflects your history or mission, or who you are as an organization — and also has lots of connections.
  • Seek support from individuals and organizations that may be able to match gifts.
  • Send emails before the campaign. Include important announcements and information, such as offers to match gifts, etc.
  • Communicate with your club's social media experts and develop a strategy. 
  • Set a monetary goal for the day and communicate it. That way you can keep driving the goal and keep people updated on progress. It gives you something to shoot for and a way to measure your success.
Read this example from the 2016 campaign for further details on these items.

Celebrating Your Efforts: Recognition and Reward


As you'll read in greater detail below in our "Resources" section it is important that your club take advantage of the benefits that social media has to offer on the Day of Giving. By making sure you tag and mention the MSU Alumni Association social media channels you'll be opening up your club's message to a much larger audience. In addition, we'll be able to see your club's story as well and can help to amplify your club's efforts from our end.


Because alumni club philanthropy is a priority of the MSU Alumni Association, we have created some fun contests for clubs this year. You can find details about these contests and prizes in the document we've created. If you have questions, please contact your regional engagement director.

Timing / Calendar

How soon is too soon? That’s a great question. Ideally your club will want to piggyback on the content coming from us during the “hype” stage of communications. For this year the hype stage is set to start October 28 and run through November 27. During this time, you’ll see a number of communications coming from not only the MSU Alumni Association social media feeds, but from a variety of our academic partners here on campus who will be building the hype around their own projects for that day.

This is the perfect time for you to take your club's philanthropy to the next level by:

    • Promoting your club's expendable or endowed MSU held scholarships
    • Promoting your club's philanthropic efforts by supporting the MSU Alumni Association National Board Endowed Scholarship Fund

By taking advantage of the buzz happening around the day you can increase your club’s visibility and reach. 


October 28: Website goes live
October 28-November 27: Hype stage
November 28: National Day of Giving (Give Green Day)
November 29: Thank You stage


social media resourceThe MSU Alumni Association is proud of the philanthropic efforts of the alumni club network. This is your club’s opportunity to leverage this national day to help drive funding for your MSU held scholarships or the MSU Alumni Association National Board Endowed Scholarship Fund, and we want you to be successful in doing so.

Marketing Resources:
Team Green:
 Social Media Ambassador Program (coming soon)
Facebook: @msualumni
Twitter: @msuaa
Instagram: @msualumni
YouTube: MichiganStateAlumni

Keep in mind that it is very important to remember to tag and mention the MSU Alumni Association in your posts by using the appropriate tag for your communication channel listed above. Whenever you mention or tag someone, not only are you getting their attention, but you are also getting that post in front of their connections and followers. This will allow your message to be seen by an even wider group of people and will help you to leverage the power and buzz surround the Day of Giving.

Making Sure Your Club Information is Up-To-Date

With Day of Giving approaching, now is the time to confirm that the information about your alumni club on the MSUAA website is correct so that anyone seeking to contact your club may successfully do so. The Club Locator page contains your alumni club's contact information, social media networks, and a link to your club's gift cart.

If your alumni club needs to be updates or revised, we've created some simple directions to assist you in doing so.

Questions / Contact

Day of Giving is a great opportunity for alumni clubs to increase the scholarship impact and philanthropic efforts. We want to help you in any way we can so do not hesitate to reach out should you need assistance. Thank you for your support.


Pamela Jones or (517) 355-7348

Kim Kittleman or (517) 432-9457 

Alaina Miller or (517) 884-7901

Taren Storrs or (517) 884-8980

Daniel Spadafore or (517) 884-6789