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Odyssey to Oxford

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Tour Description

Photo of Odyssey to Oxford

This two-week lifelong education program takes you on a rare adventure to Oxford—“city of dreaming spires” and to the University of Oxford, famous as a great center of learning since the 12th century. Participants enroll in one noncredit personal enrichment course choosing from topics such as British archaeology, art, history, theatre, or literature. A typical day’s schedule includes morning classes taught by Oxford tutors with afternoon course specific field trips or general group excursions. Group excursions may include visits to Wales, Stratford-upon-Avon, prehistoric sites, famous castles, gardens, palaces, cathedrals, the Cotswolds, London, or other English towns.  There will be ample time during the two weeks and a mid-program weekend break to enjoy breathtaking architecture, art, and gardens of many of the university’s 38 colleges, explore the historic town of Oxford, or visit the surrounding countryside.