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Timeless Cuba Cruise: Miami to Miami (2018)

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Tour Description

Photo of Timeless Cuba Cruise: Miami to Miami (2018)

This cruise is also offered June 6-13, 2018. Call Go Next at 800-842-9023 to book your reservation.

Open the door to Cuba’s soul on this week-long luxury cruise through the heart of this once-forbidden island nation. Embark aboard the Insignia in Miami, an international city built on the foundation of Cuban immigration; and make your way to Havana, Cuba’s largest city and the epicenter of the nation’s lively lifestyle. Go beyond the tourist destinations during your two days in Havana with our unparalleled Go Next Exclusive Excursions. These trips, offered exclusively to Go Next travelers, allow you to dive deep into the city’s 500 years of history and culture with intimate group sizes and uniquely educational experiences. From Havana, sail the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to the astounding bayside city of Cienfuegos, a former French settlement which remains a paragon of 19th-century urban planning. Your last stop on the island is the Southeastern cultural hub of Santiago de Cuba. As the birthplace of Desi Arnaz and Bacardi Rum, home to the tide-turning Battle of San Juan Hill, and the site of the Cuban Revolution’s victory proclamation, every aspect of Cuban history is deeply ingrained in the island’s second largest city.

*Includes free airfare, free unlimited internet, 2 Havana Go Next Exclusive Excursions, plus your choice of four free shore excursions, free beverage package or $400 shipboard credit. This special offer applies only to those who sign up through the MSU Alumni Association and Go Next.

People-to-People Exchange: Go Next, Inc. is a qualified people-to-people sponsoring organization allowed to conduct educational exchanges in Cuba. Designed to promote cross-cultural connections, excursions include a full-time schedule of educational exchanges and do not involve tourist-oriented or self-directed activities.