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London ~ Featuring the African American Experience with MSU Professor Dr. Glenn Chambers

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Photo of London ~ Featuring the African American Experience with MSU Professor Dr. Glenn Chambers

Join MSU Professor Dr. Glenn Chambers on this fascinating and enriching seven-night program that traces the history of London’s Black communities. From your base in chic Kensington, delight in specially designed tours and talks that reveal how Black communities helped shape London’s culture and way of life. Learn about valuable contributions and achievements of key figures in London’s African American community, including Frederick Douglass, Paul Robeson and Phillis Wheatley. ?Witness iconic London sites, viewing the famed landmarks through the African-Caribbean perspective. Uncover 2,000 years of Black history in London’s oldest areas, witness works of art illustrating Black presence at the National Gallery and compare and contrast the Black British and US Civil Rights Movements. Along the way, visit quintessential London landmarks: Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral, Soho and Brixton Market, plus delight in a performance at a local jazz club. This small-group program features first-class accommodations and an extensive meal plan, including wine with dinner.

*MSU Faculty Host

Dr. Chambers is an associate professor and associate dean for Undergraduate Studies at Michigan State University. He received his Ph.D. in Latin American and Caribbean history from Howard University in 2006.  Specializing in the history of the Modern Caribbean, Dr. Chambers focuses on the former British colonies post emancipation, specifically on the social and cultural history of African descended populations during the period between the Spanish American War and WWII and the political and economic expansion of the United States into the region. Initially this work focused exclusively on West Indian immigrants to the Republic of Honduras due to the growth of the U.S. dominated banana industry. However, his work has transitioned in recent years to include Caribbean and Central American populations on the U.S. Gulf Coast, specifically, New Orleans, Louisiana. Dr. Chambers is the author of two books: Race, Nation, and West Indian Immigration to Honduras, 1890-1940 and From the Banana Zones to the Big Easy: West Indian and Central American Immigration to Honduras, 1910-1940. He has also co-edited a book, New Frontiers in the African Diaspora.

*A minimum number of participants is required to confirm faculty participation.