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International Education Week 2021: A celebration of global education and exchange

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International Education Week 2021: A celebration of global education and exchange

As a top 100 global research institution — global education, research and collaboration is part of MSU’s DNA. It makes us who we are.

We are celebrating International Education Week, #IEW2021, this week, Nov. 15-19. This is our opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange. As a top 100 global research university, global education, research and collaboration are part of MSU’s DNA, making us who we are.

MSU’s international programs and resources, the worldwide partnerships fostered by faculty and staff and the study abroad opportunities available to our students all help make MSU a vibrant and diverse intellectual community.  

#IEW2021 is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education. It is a part of global efforts to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn and exchange experiences. 

And we have been doing that strategically and intentionally for more than 60 years...

MSU has more than 4,500 international students and scholars from over 130 countries, representing people and perspectives generating global solutions. Through ongoing scholarship support from our alumni and friends, we’ve been able to help these students through the difficulties the pandemic has presented.   

“I think it was a great gesture from OISS to award scholarships to us international students during the difficult times posed by the pandemic. More than the money, the grant showed that there are people out there who care for you during these testing times. I really appreciate the gesture and am looking forward to do my bit for the international student community in the future.” – Karthik Rai, graduate student  

“I cannot express enough gratitude to the generous donors who provided their support for international students like myself, when we needed it the most. When my family was enduring the financial hardships of COVID-19 including lost employment and income, the Emergency Assistance Award ensured that I was able to still afford my monthly rent, tuition and daily expenses throughout the pandemic. I am so grateful to be able to continue my graduate education at Michigan State University.” – Seema Mehta, alumna 

With more than 275 programs in over 60 countries and on all seven continents, education abroad is a key building block in MSU's long-standing commitment to international education. As we approach a time when we can continue to travel and explore, MSU has programs that still need our support. The Japan Center for Michigan Universities had an extraordinary turnout when its alumni were asked to help sustain it during these challenging times.  

“I ended up double majoring in Japanese and international marketing, and went on to get a master's in economics, where the hard work and self-discipline I learned at JCMU paid dividends. I feel compelled to share my experience so that JCMU will be available for future students." – Brenton Sellati, JCMU alumnus  

Interested in participating in International Education Week? International Studies and Programs is amplifying a variety of online and in-person events. Check out the events that are happening and choose something interesting to participate in. Please also follow along on social media, where ISP will tell the stories of how MSU embraces and exemplifies the spirit of international education throughout the year. 

You can also choose to support a program or scholarship that is meaningful to you. This week we are featuring our Emergency Scholarship, Japan Center for Michigan Universities and the Study Abroad Scholarship.

Contributing Writer(s): Xiaoyu Yin, '13 and Bridgette O'Connor, '10

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