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Spartans Aim to Increase Access

  • Author:

    Kara Swanson

  • Published:

    June 5, 2020

Spartan Alum, Brian Town, works with his company to create ease for individuals with disabilities. 

Brian town

During these challenging times, MSU Alumni across the world are continuing the spirit of innovation and accessibility that runs deep in Spartan Nation. One of these alumni is Brian Town. Brian is the CEO of Michigan Creative, an organization that provides creative services to local Michigan businesses. One of their more recently launched tools, Able Eyes, provides children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to learn skills and explore new environments from different points of view before they visit them in person. Able Eyes provides a platform for 360 degree views of businesses and locations to be uploaded and viewed, which lowers anxiety and enables viewers to explore and become familiar with the area they will be going to before they set foot on the property.

Able Eyes started in Lansing, Michigan, but now has provided services in all 50 States in the U.S and ultimately has the goal of making all places “Able Eyes Accessible”. Businesses own the rights to their own virtual tours and can use them on their individual websites, thus helping customers of all abilities to feel comfortable when they visit.

According to Brian, Able Eyes was founded to fulfill a need for a platform that provides a way for people with disabilities to view locations before actually going there in order to foresee challenges and decrease anxiety. “The community response to the platform has been amazing,” says Brian. “It also serves as a marketing tool for businesses. We have plans for everyone in the world to have a virtual tour, and we’ll do our best to get there.”

Brian received a Bachelor of Arts in telecommunications with a minor in film studies from Michigan State. He says that MSU and Spartan Nation have played a major role in his success and inspiration, “My time at MSU really prepared me to be creative and understand how important creativity is in everything we do. I was also introduced to my first internship at HOM-TV (Haslett Okemos Meridian Television) through MSU, and we have three full-time employees who came to us as interns through HOM-TV. I love that I graduated from MSU, and I really love ‘Spartans Will’. As a business owner, we have to draw on that a lot. I also am proud of the research that MSU has done and how they are really focused on helping student entrepreneurs — we love to talk to students and Spartan businesses about what they are doing all over the world!”

Alumni like Brian remind us that no matter the challenges faced, Spartans will come out stronger than ever and more poised to continue making the world a better place for individuals of all abilities.

ables eyes logo

For more information on Michigan Creative and Able Eyes, visit and