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MSU Alum Shares TedxDetroit Talk With Fellow Spartans

  • Author:

    Ryann Scherdt

  • Published:

    May 6, 2020


The world's hardest problems can be solved immediately if the potential of each human being is inspired and realized.

The Michigan State community is made up of a diverse group of individuals with various talents and skills. Spartan alumni go on to make large contributions to their fields, communities and the world. One Spartan entrepreneur is Ian Rowan, a 2018 College of Engineering graduate, who started two businesses. After graduation, Rowan started an AI Research and Consulting Firm, MindBuilder AI. More recently, he and his team invented a device and have been working on it since — the world’s smallest EEG wearable device, Nurio.

His MSU experience, paired with his desire to create, has helped him in his successes. Rowan studied Applied Engineering Sciences with a focus in Technical Sales at MSU. Many of the topics he learned helped him build his first prototype of Nurio, as he needed to use multiple engineering disciplines. According to Rowan, the AES Program, like other programs on campus, “allows students to gain an almost all-encompassing view of the world” and “prepares students for success."

   Ian Rowan with Nurio device

Ian Rowan using eeg app

Ian Rowan was selected to deliver a talk at TEDxDetroit. His message is beneficial to all as he shared the “power of curiosity and learning” with the Spartan community. While his education was a foundation for his post-graduation success, his desire to constantly learn new skills has taught him valuable lessons. Curiosity inspired him to learn to code and discover AI which ultimately led to his ability to grow his career. He believes that individuals “are not limited by how ‘smart’ they are, but rather how willing they are to follow their curiosities." He explains this concept in his talk.

Rowan opened his TEDxDetroit talk with an intriguing question — he asked, “If you were sent back to some arbitrary time with everything you knew today, could you create the known future or just simply predict it?" The question asks the audience to think about the role they would play in making history. You might wish you would have used this time to learn, create and explore today’s resources. We live in a time where you no longer need to wonder. Check out his TEDxDetroit talk on YouTube below to discover how Rowan used his time both on-campus and post-graduation to get inspired and grow in his curiosity.

Spartans in many different fields and stages of life have the opportunity to invent the future and make an impact. Ian Rowan is one of the many amazing Spartan alumni representing the university’s goals as he grows as an entrepreneur. He wants to motivate others to learn new concepts, and hopes to remove barriers to learning!

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