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Announcing Sparty's Brand

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    Jan. 13, 2020

Announcing Sparty's Brand

Hello from the one and only, super smart, strong and ripped Sparty. It’s officially 2020 and I am stoked for a new year of high fives and cheering for the greatest university of all time. In fact, I tried to remove all the M’s from this blog, but some higher-ups shot it down ⁠— I digress.

My friends from the MSU Alumni Office and I spent much of 2019 developing a guide to help keep my brand as strong as my muscles ⁠— both take hard work to maintain!

Let’s talk about how I work.

The Ultimate Glow Up

I know what you're thinking, "Sparty, how can you possibly get any better looking?" Spoiler: I did.

I had a major glow up in 2017. Here's a guide to make sure the pictures you're using show the new me — I take this very seriously because I worked hard on these improvements. Please respect me and my past — not everyone likes looking through old photos.

Here are some examples of the changes: 

  • My new plume is made of plastic. The old was foam.
  • I'm not smirking as much as I used to — I mean business.
  • My new helmet shield squares are plastic. The old were foam.
  • My skin tone is a little darker thanks to a spray tan.
  • My muscles are more defined thanks to high-impact workouts.

For a full list of differences, check out the full Sparty Branding Guidelines.


The Glow Up | Examples of Old Armor vs New Armor


Pictures of approved Sparty illustrations

I've got a few favorite illustrated poses that you can use. I hired professionals to make sure that my muscles look as perfect as they do in real life. Check them out — pretty big, right?

If you're looking for a pose that isn't included in the full guide, make sure to talk to my friends at the MSU Alumni Office. Don't attempt to redraw me — My friends paid a pretty penny to get it right with the existing poses.




I love to strike a pose. The good folks over at the MSU Alumni Office gathered a thorough stock of approved photos. Every side is my good side, so I made it pretty easy for them. Holler at the MSU Alumni Office and they can give you access to my official portfolio.





Pictures of approved Sparty photos

The Ultimate No-No List

Bear with me — this is boring, but necessary.

  • I love to see photos of myself, but I don't love to see when people use me to endorse a product without my permission. I am not allowed to endorse or promote any products, events or views without a super fancy contract.
  • I don't take too kindly to forgery. I'm strong enough to break a lot of things, but never the rules. Fraud and plagiarism are strictly against the Spartan Code. My signature cannot be used by anyone other than the MSU Alumni Office.
  • My illustration can be cropped, but me and my abs must remain recognizable. I've worked too hard for these bad boys. Text can be added, but it can't cover my face – I’m proud of my glare and it keeps the wolverines away.
Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening.

Moral of the Story

MSU rocks and I am proud to be its mascot. Help a fellow Spartan out by keeping our brand strong. If you are currently using any photos or illustrations of me, check out the full Sparty Branding Guide and make sure you are in compliance.

The Alumni Office warned me that they will be reaching out to businesses and MSU departments throughout 2020 with the goal of phasing out as many Sparty misuses as possible in 2020. I am all about crushing goals, so let’s do this!

Thank You

Sure, I lift a lotta weights and read a lotta books, but I'm not really Sparty without you. I'm not gonna get sentimental or anything, but I will say this: I appreciate your time, support and energy. This is the kind of stuff that makes MSU more than just a school.

Sparty Branding Guide

  Sparty Asset Request  

Questions or concerns? Give a shout to my media contact, Aimee Klevorn, at 

TLDR: If you use any pictures or illustrations with me, take a few moments to check out the Sparty Branding Guidelines to keep my brand as strong and scary as my muscles. 

Sparty Branding Guide