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Celebrating Love with Service

  • Author:

    Ryann Scherdt

  • Published:

    Feb. 4, 2020



Whatever your passion is, find a way to turn it into an opportunity to help others.

 -Brian Lane, '05

When considering anniversary celebrations, Brian and Clinton Lane chose to spend a portion of their special day serving the community alongside fellow Spartans on the Global Day of Service

Each year Spartans join forces in their communities worldwide on the Global Day of Service to make an impact all around the globe - in 2018, this day fell on Brian and Clinton's first wedding anniversary. 

Brian Lane, '05 graduate, joined the Detroit Spartan's service project at Wolverine Human Services. Wolverine Human Services aims to support children suffering from abuse and neglect, and to help those involved in delinquent activities overcome social and economic barriers. Together Spartans worked to clean up their community garden and orchard. Lane explained, "It's always fun to be around other Spartans, but in this setting, it had a little more meaning."

Brian and his husband, Clinton, have always been very active in their community. The two decided to spend part of their one-year anniversary volunteering at the service event.

Brian proposed to his husband with a Michigan State shirt that said, "Will You Marry Into This?" Clinton happily accepted. Michigan State University is more than just a school to the Lane's, it's part of their lives and part of their story together. They thought of no better way to celebrate their special day than giving back to the community they love. Brian and Clinton's story is proof that you don't need to be an alumni to be a Spartan.

When asked why Spartans should participate in Global Day of Service, Lane mentioned that it was a great way to get involved with the community while also meeting new Spartans. Lane recognizes the power of volunteering and stated, "Whatever your passion is, find a way to turn it into an opportunity to help others."

Couple on Global Day of Service

On April 18, 2020, Spartans worldwide will join forces yet again on the Global Day of Service.

Click here to learn how you can serve with fellow Spartans, or create your own project.