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BOLD: Brave. Optimistic. Leader. Determined.

  • Author:

    Makaila Marshall, 2017 Homecoming Court Representative

  • Published:

    September 6, 2017

When it comes to being bold at MSU, I think it’s important to remember the start of our college careers. Every Spartan remembers the moment they arrived on campus. Whether it was at the beginning of their freshman year, or at the start of a transfer year, we all shared a few feelings. The nervousness we held in tightly from the unknown in front of us. Smiles we wore from the excitement flowing through our bodies. The tears we might have cried from leaving our loved ones. Or the hope deep in our hearts for the years ahead spent becoming the people we dreamed about being.

Brave, optimistic, leader, and determined; these words describe what I believe a “bold” person is. To be brave is to exhibit courage or have courageous endurance. To be optimistic is to be hopeful and confident about the future. To be a leader is to encompass the capabilities to motivate and guide individuals. To be determined is to make choices and stick to them.

I am proud to say that when I started my academic career here, I was far from being considered bold, and yes I said that right. I am proud because even though I didn’t start bold, I am able to look back and assess the growth I have made in the span of four and a half years. I am proud that I took opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone. I found that in these moments of “bold” action, I made strides towards the woman I am destined to become and grew into a woman of bold mentality. My participation in the Miss Black and Gold Scholarship pageant sponsored by the Men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., the Zeta Delta Chapter, was one of the first bold moves I made as a Spartan. Being the “shy girl” made my choice in competing somewhat of a mystery but I decided that it was time to share my story and finally have a bigger voice. Getting up in front of hundreds of my peers required bravery, which I didn’t know I could display. With that choice came a victory, and not just the crown, but one I would have never experienced without the willingness to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Throughout my Spartan career, I have gained confidence within my ability to be even more bold. I have been faced with challenges that only my faith in God and my optimism brought me through. I have been in countless leadership positions where I was able to share my knowledge and guide those following behind me. In all situations, whether positive or negative, I maintained a determined attitude to complete, succeed, gain, and improve.

However, being bold doesn’t stop once I walk across the stage, it multiplies. Michigan State helped to equip me with knowledge, resources, and the connections I need to make my dreams come true. One of the phrases I live by is “find a way and not an excuse”. This motivates me to believe in my abilities and to never give up … to never stop being BOLD.