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Spartans Serve with Community Partners

  • Author:

    MSU Alumni Office

  • Published:

    Feb. 25, 2021

This past year, service may have looked different, but Spartans still found ways to make a lasting impact on local communities. 

The MSU Alumni Office partners with community organizations to bring together students, alumni and friends as volunteers to serve their local communities.​ Due to the novel coronavirus, service has looked a little different this past year. However, nothing can stop a Spartan’s commitment to service.

One of our community partners, Pattengill Biotechnical Magnet School, collaborates with MSU students to participate in a variety of community service projects including trash hauling, painting and mentoring. This past year, ​volunteers had the opportunity to read stories to children virtually. ​This experience proved how connecting with your community during these difficult times can be rewarding for all parties involved.


While so many aspects of life are different during the pandemic, continuing to volunteer and give back provides a small piece of normal. The feeling of contribution, supporting and doing something positive for someone in the community, especially to benefit children, boosts spirits.

Missy Arocha
Principal, Pattengill Biotechnical Magnet School


During these difficult times, service is more important than ever. Whether you are raking leaves or participating in a book drive, there are plenty of ways to support your community during the pandemic.

"Please consider donating your time and service to the community. The impact of even an hour of your time can make a lasting impact on our students" said Missy Arocha. 

 MSU Students reading children's books for students at Pattengill Biotechnical Magnet School

Global Day of Service

Being a Spartan means being a part of something much bigger than yourself. If you are interested in giving back to your community, consider taking part in this year’s Global Day of Service April 17. Visit the event page to learn more.