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DC Spartans Proud Tradition of Service

  • Author:

    Kara Swanson

  • Published:

    Feb. 24, 2020

The DC Spartans are the perfect example of how MSU alumni can come together to make a difference in their local communities.

As one of MSU’s largest alumni clubs, the DC Spartans use their growing membership to make a difference in their local community by mobilizing volunteers across our nation’s capital. Not only does the club assist the greater DC area, it also provides a network for Spartans who have just relocated and do not yet have social connections. Many current MSU students who are living in DC for an internship find the club to be a comforting presence in a new city.

Emily Wilkins, Director of Community Service for the DC Spartans, recalls a similar experience, “I became involved with the DC Spartans when I was an intern. I was drawn to the volunteer projects - they made the city feel more like home and I met a lot of friends thought them.” The club hosts service events every month, which gives those new to the area a great opportunity to connect with fellow Spartans and give back at the same time.

Rosalyn Brummette, who serves as president of the DC Spartans, notes the importance of service as a Spartan graduate and its reciprocal relationship with local communities, “There are many ways to give back to our Spartan Community - whether it is financially, serving in a leadership role, or giving our time. However, the unique aspect of volunteering our time is that it not only strengthens the bond between members of the local alumni club, it also (or more importantly) brings us all closer to our new physical community - one outside of East Lansing. Our Community Service engagement has not only strengthened our club, but it has aided us in tightening the connection we have with our city.”

As Spartans engage with the communities in which they live, they make a difference locally while simultaneously forging new relationships and learning more about the areas they reside in.

Volunteers welcoming people as they arrive at airport.

When asked about any particularly memorable service events she’s participated in, Emily replied, “Last May, we assisted the National Park Service by weeding and mulching around the Jefferson Memorial. Hundreds of tourists walked by while we were working. It struck me how some of them were making the connection between the service we were performing and the University. I think being out in the community and working to make it better really drives home what it means to be a Spartan.” 

The DC Spartans are a great example of how MSU alumni can come together to make a difference in their local communities. If you are a Spartan looking to get involved in your local community, consider participating in a service project on Global Day of Service. During this day, the entire MSU community including current students and alumni from around the world demonstrate the impact Spartans can make in a single day. This year's Global Day of Service takes place on Saturday, April 18, 2020. 

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Group photo of volunteers at Home First Residences

Volunteers gardening.