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Lessons Learned from Great Spartans

  • Author:

    Mariah Hill, 2017 Homecoming Court Representative

  • Published:

    September 13, 2017

Genuine means to be yourself no matter the situation. We have to get to a point in our lives where we no longer wear a poker face. You tell people the truth even when they do not want to hear it. No matter your race or gender you make it your business to make people feel comfortable around you. If you can help someone you will. If you honestly cannot you will inform people and or refer them to someone that can help you. You will serve the people around you.

When I think of being genuine, three Spartans come to mind.

My first genuine encounter was when I was walking through the courtyard with so many bags proceeding to Case Hall for AOP. A young lady saw me struggling, and came and grabbed one of my bags and helped me all the way to my room. That day we didn’t see our cultural differences. That day we saw an opportunity to make a cultural exchange. I still talk to this young lady to date. Thank you, Damira.

The second person is the guy who loves me unconditionally. He encourages my academic success, uplifts my identities, and ensures that if my roommate and I run out of food he and his wife will take care of it. Days when leadership grew hard I could sit on their couch. Days I wanted to cry, I didn’t, because he gave me strength. Thank you, Nick.

One man that I met living in Hubbard Hall changed my brand and stake in leadership and community forever. He’s the person that builds you up and don’t even take credit for it. He makes sure to give you honesty and positive energy all the time. He is the person I would dream to be. He taught me how to be a servant leader and continue to invest and love community. He taught me how to successfully plan events and be concise. Thank you, Josh.

Actually, five … Scott and Colleen Westerman. They are a power couple on this campus that embody these traits. They are one of the rare couples that you can see move as one unit. They vowed to a union that is unbreakable. I can go to either of them and receive the same treatment with love, genuineness and a smile. They are like my MSU parents. I call Scott my God Dad. They have both made that imprint on my heart. I have learned that you always have to bring your best self to the table and you have to pick yourself up whenever you feel yourself falling. I have also learned that it is important that you stay engaged with those that invest in you once or a season as a mentor. I have learned the value of going back and thanking people through cards or recognition at ceremonies. Thank you, Colleen and Scott.

I will always remember these people because of how genuine they are. Spartans WILL.