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Spartan Move-In, Welcoming MSU Students

  • Author:

    Jaime DiMoff

  • Published:

    September 18, 2019

Spartan Move-In

Every fall, campus fills with incoming freshmen who are anticipating their big move to Michigan State University. Whether it’s at Brody, Wilson, Hubbard or Shaw, campus buzzes with the excitement of what’s to come. On August 24-25, MSU welcomed home 8,500 new students. More than 350 alumni and friends volunteered to help welcome these incoming students as they moved into their residence halls. These amazing Spartan volunteers helped make the move-in process go smoothly and provided a fun atmosphere for students and their families.

The MSU Alumni Office began recruiting move-in volunteers for Residence Education and Housing Services in 2011. Since that time, thousands of students and their families have benefitted from this partnership. “Dropping your freshman off on campus can be emotional for parents,” notes MSU Alumni Programs Director Maria Giggy. “Our volunteers like being able to make the process easier and introduce new students to their extended Spartan family." The partnership is a win-win for students and volunteers. Students get an easier move, and volunteers get the joy of reliving their college experience. 


        Nick McLaren at Move-In





Our volunteers like being able to make the process easier and introduce new students to their extended Spartan family. 

 - Maria Giggy



This year, MSU Alumni Student Engagement Director Dan DiMaggio helped students move into Case Hall, where he lived for two years as a student. He has volunteered in years past and decided to do it again, except this year was different. Dan was helping move a freshman into her room on the fifth floor when he realized it was the exact room that he had lived in. He then texted his old roommate, with whom he is still very close, and told him about it. They were able to reminisce about their college days in the dorm. Dan said back when he was a student, he and his roommate decorated the room with their favorite sports teams, the Tigers and the Red Wings. It brought back many great memories of when he was a student here on campus. 

Dan DiMaggo and Roommate

Dan DiMaggo and Roommate

Pictured: Dan DiMaggio and friends in Case Hall during his freshman year.

 Do you want to revisit the residence hall you lived in while you were a student? No problem! You can select the campus neighborhood you want to work at when you sign up. Don’t miss the opportunity to help Spartans start the year on the right foot. Be on the lookout for information on our website next summer so you can volunteer!