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MSU Alumni Top Locations

  • Author:

    MSU Alumni Office

  • Published:

    May 4, 2020

MSU Alumni Global Club Map

The MSU Alumni Office is here for every Spartan - including our current students. We're here to help make the transition from student to alumni the best it can be. We aim to strengthen recent graduates and young alumni's ties to the global Spartan community and build a lifelong commitment to Michigan State University. 

Alumni clubs promote and enhance Michigan State University by offering programs and experiences within the communities they serve.

There are more than 100 alumni clubs worldwide that bring Spartans together for local events, activities and service opportunities. The following are MSU alumni clubs around the nation with the highest concentration of recent graduates and young Spartan alumni. We want to help new grads make the transition into the alumni family the best it can be.



The Atlanta Spartans take pride in representing Michigan State University in their community. 

At events and other activities, they raise funds for an annual scholarship that is awarded to Atlanta-area students planning to attend MSU. For every home game and select basketball games, they host game watches at three different locations for alumni to attend, and raise funds for the scholarship at each one. Unique to the Atlanta Spartans, they hold an annual Scholarship Golf Outing, where all proceeds go to the scholarship fund! 

By moving to Atlanta, Georgia, you’re already a part of a rich personal and professional network, but getting involved with the Atlanta Spartans will give you an opportunity to participate in networking socials, happy hours and Green & White events with other Spartans. 

Get connected:

Atlanta Spartans


Boston Spartans

Boston is a huge city - make it feel a little smaller by joining your local network of Spartans! The Boston Spartans can be your connection to Michigan State University, even away from East Lansing! 

Volunteer projects, euchre tournaments, intramural sports, game watches, student send-off picnics, networking events, fundraising activities to support their endowed scholarship fund; the Boston Spartans do it all. Their website features a ton of helpful resources to help you make the move to Boston the best it can be. 

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Chicago, Illinois is currently the second largest market for new Michigan State University graduates, but the Chicago Spartans are the largest alumni club outside the state of Michigan. 

There are Spartans everywhere in Chicago, and if you're one of the many moving to the Windy City after graduation, getting involved with the Chicago Spartans could be your continued connection to MSU. The Chicago Spartans cater to alumni's interests; from opportunities to attend professional and networking events, volunteering in the community, to game watches and intramural sports. Their signature event? SpartyBall — a black-tie gala held annually full of food, dancing and mingling, all while raising funds for Chicago area students planning to attend MSU. 

We know there are some of you out there moving to Chicago, so don't forget to check out ways to connect with the club below.

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Chicago Spartans



Detroit Spartans

Metro Detroit has the highest concentration of new Michigan State University graduates anywhere in the U.S. Moving to this area to join the vast network of Spartans that are already there? Get to know the Detroit Spartans! 

With the creation of the new 313 Scholarship, intended to help students from Wayne County attend MSU, along with all of their club events throughout the year like their annual golf outing and numerous service projects, the Detroit Spartans are busy and always ready to welcome young alumni! 

For more information on the Detroit Spartans and other alumni clubs in the surrounding area (there are a ton!), check out some resources below.

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Los Angeles

Graduating and relocating to East Lansing West? The Los Angeles Spartans have your back and want to help you make that big move the best it can be. It may be a long way from East Lansing, but as a market with one of the highest Spartan alumni populations, there’s a welcoming network waiting for you. 

From networking events and professional development to game watches at three locations, year-round service projects in local neighborhoods, to supporting current and future MSU students through their endowed scholarship fund, the LA Spartans prove what it means to bleed green. 

Get connected:

LA Spartans


Mid-MI Spartans

The Mid-Michigan Spartans can help make your transition from Spartan student to Spartan alumni a little easier. The club serves alumni and friends of Michigan State University living in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton counties. As the closest club to the campus of Michigan State University, it's no surprise that by getting involved with the Mid-Michigan Spartans, your Spartan connection can remain as strong as ever. 

The Mid-Michigan Spartans sponsor various charitable, community and member events and programs throughout the year. These events include a charity golf outing to raise funds for scholarships that support Mid-Michigan students heading to MSU, networking opportunities like the Spartan Insight Series, game watches and tailgates, year-round service projects and the opportunity to participate in numerous MSU activities in East Lansing. 

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Headed down south after graduation? The Nashville Spartans are devoted to engaging graduates and friends of Michigan State University through social, community service/fundraising and networking events.

The Nashville Spartans participate in several social events including game watches, euchre tournaments, happy hours, sports events and gatherings with other Big Ten clubs. At many of their social events, the club raises funds throughout the year for the Ken Teran Memorial Scholarship fund

There's a network of Spartans waiting for you in Nashville. Get connected below! 

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Nashville Spartans

Greater NYC

NYC Spartans

Moving to the Big Apple after graduation? Well, you’re not alone. Spartans 💚 NY. 

The Greater NYC Spartans are as busy as the hustle and bustle of the city itself. From wine tasting dinners that raise funds for the NYC Spartans Endowed Scholarship Fund, to Spartan Summer Picnics that send-off MSU freshmen from the area in Spartan style, to year-round service projects that make a positive impact on the community. 

NYC can be a little intimidating, but make the transition to a young Spartan alumni in the big city a little easier by getting involved with the NYC Spartans. Check out their resources below!

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San Francisco Bay Area

Moving to the Bay Area? There's a network of Spartans ready to welcome new graduates to the area. That network? The San Francisco Bay Area Spartans. 

The SF Bay Area Spartans prides itself on community involvement, networking and providing job opportunities, social gatherings and raising funds for their endowed scholarship fund to help future students attend Michigan State University. Northern California may be a long way from East Lansing, but the SF Bay Area Spartans are there to help make you feel comfortable. 

Get connected:

SF Bay Area Spartans


Toronto Spartans


Has life after graduation lead you north to Canada? The Toronto Spartans are ready for you! 

The Toronto Spartans may be a country away, but they keep the Spartan spirit alive and strong. The club takes advantage of every opportunity to support Michigan State University and its current students. By getting involved with the Toronto Spartans, you have access to a network of Spartans that are eager to help you succeed and navigate the transition from student to young alumni. From networking brunches and professional development, to basketball and football game watches and service and volunteer opportunities, the Toronto Spartans are ready to welcome you. 

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Washington D.C.

There are more than 11,000 Spartans in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Are you moving to the area after graduation? The D.C. Spartans are waiting for you!

Like most other Michigan State University alumni clubs, the D.C. Spartans engage the Spartan community with networking opportunities, community service events, game watches and intramural sports. What sets the D.C. Spartans apart from others? We can think of two things. First, their service initiatives. Among many projects, the club gets together and welcomes Veterans to D.C. with the Honor Flight - a program that brings veterans from all over the country to D.C. to see the monument for the wars they fought in. Second, they hold their black-tie event, the Green & White Gala; a night of fun, food, networking and the honoring of distinguished alumni, each year. All proceeds support their endowed scholarship funds for D.C. area students attending MSU. More information can be found at the resources below. 

Get connected:

DC Spartans

West Michigan

West MI Spartans

West Michigan. The West Coast of our great mitten state. After graduation comes a number of changes and transitions, but if one of these changes includes moving to the West Michigan area, the transition to young alumni can be made a little simpler by getting involved with the West Michigan Spartans.

This alumni club holds annual freshman picnics, Broadway Grand Rapids visits, a speaker and networking series, countless service projects, game watches and the Spartan Winter Tailgate and other family and young alumni events. Unique to the West Michigan Spartans? Their annual charity golf outing, where the club and other Spartan figures, like Steve Smith & Tom Izzo, come together to raise funds for West Michigan area MSU scholarships. Get involved! It's free, it's easy and we're sure you won't regret it. 

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500,000+ Spartans Strong

The 12 alumni clubs above are only a handful of the total clubs spread around the globe. These clubs have the highest concentration of young alumni heading to their cities after this year's graduation, but wherever you may be moving, no matter when you graduated from Michigan State University, there's a network of over 500,000 Spartans ready to welcome you.

Check out our club locator below to find an alumni club near you! 

  MSU Alumni Club Locator   

The MSU Alumni Office has staff dedicated to assisting alumni clubs in each geographic region. Please contact the alumni engagement director for your region below for questions about your alumni club or starting a new club.

Regional Club Map

Contact Pamela Jones via email or by calling (517) 355-7348.

Contact Kim Kittleman via email or by calling (517) 432-9457. 

Contact Alaina Miller via email or by calling (517) 884-7901.


Contact Christopher Sell via email or by calling (517) 884-4546.

Contact Taren Storrs via email or by calling (517) 884-8980.

Contact Xiaoyu (Skyin) Yin via email or by calling (517) 432-9183.