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Spartans at Segerstrom

  • Author:

    Olivia Kennedy

  • Published:

    March 25, 2019

Spartans at Segerstrom

Throughout history, music has connected people of varying backgrounds. No matter what language one speaks, music is understood, appreciated, and cherished. At Michigan State University, this is seen firsthand through the College of Music students. Individuals from around the world come to immerse themselves in MSU’s renowned program.

On February 13, a group of these students headed to Costa Mesa, California to perform at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. The university-sponsored event, in partnership with the Orange County Spartans, featured five talented Spartan instrumentalists.

The night began with a reception, then was followed by the concert hosted by James Forger, the dean of MSU’s College of Music. Forger, an active saxophonist, has worked at the university since 1979.

Later in the evening, four students performed a quartet piece, “Piano Quarter in C minor, Op. 15”. The Faure Quartet’s members include Sandro Sidamonidze (cello), Ling Lo (piano), Daniela Diaz (violin), and Yury Ozhegov (viola). Each has a variety of diverse life and musical experiences, which added to their performance.

Yoo Jin Noh, a blind pianist and southern California native in the process of earning her Doctorate at MSU with Professor Deborah Moriarty, provided a beautiful solo performance. Noh, who began her piano study at 14, has performed at the United Nations headquarters and Carnegie Weill Recital Hall in New York.

The enchanting evening was applauded by many local Spartans. While there are several active alumni clubs across southern California, it was the first event focused on arts and culture in Orange County. Plus, it is always special to receive a visit from current MSU faculty, staff, and students.

“Oftentimes it’s difficult to remain sanguine these days. But being around skilled artists always gives me a surge of hope and the strength to seek positive change,” said Cory Day, attendee and husband of MSU College of Veterinary Medicine alumna Karla Nichols.

Last month’s event at Segerstrom was an example of how music connects us-- not only as Spartans, but as human beings. Music has the power to cross boundaries and create change. We just have to take the time to listen.

To read more about the sensational musicians who performed at this event, check out their biographies. For more information about MSU events around the world, click here.

Spartans at Segerstrom | Concert

Spartans at Segerstrom | Fountain