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Young Alumni Club Involvement

You've completed college, earned your degree, and are now an alumni of Michigan State University. What’s next in the coming years? For the majority of young alumni, it’s finding a job and starting something new. That involves moving around the country, perhaps even multiple times, until we find THE job that’s right for us, and even then, moving a few more times. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, moving around and getting comfortable in new locations is a tough process, but as a Spartan, that process can be made a bit easier.

Even during your time on campus, you’re part of the Spartan family, and when you become an alumni, that same Spartan family is there to welcome you into communities around the globe. The Spartan network is over 550,000 strong and counting. Getting involved with your local alumni club can ease that transition to a new city, working at a new job, making new friends, and advancing in your personal and professional life.

After graduation, I moved from Michigan to Boston, Massachusetts and became involved with the Boston Spartans relatively quickly. Since becoming involved, I’ve met some awesome people, made valuable connections, and have become more comfortable in this big city. I highly encourage all Spartans, especially young alumni, to get involved in their local clubs in some way. Find your local club here

Young alumni club involvement infographic