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Michigan State University

Dr. Steven Arnoczky | Advancing a Legacy

Event Description

As the first Wade O. Brinker Endowed Chair in Veterinary Surgery at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Steven Arnoczky has built upon the legacy of Dr. Wade O. Brinker, considered the father of veterinary orthopaedic surgery. After a successful and impactful career at MSU, Dr. Arnoczky will give his last lecture during the Michigan Veterinary Conference. Through the generous support of Dean Emeritus John Welser and his wife Katie, the College of Veterinary Medicine is delighted to present a “last lecture” by a member of the profession who has had a distinguished career as a scholar and teacher, and who is recognized for leadership in shaping discussions regarding the biomedical sciences and related social issues. The lecturer will have an opportunity to reflect upon aspects of veterinary medicine and to share scientific, professional, or personal insights, based on his or her long and full involvement with the profession. Read more about Dr. Arnoczky, Dr. Brinker, and MSU CVM Orthopaedics in the Spring 2016 issue of Perspectives.

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