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Innovate State | Lauren Aitch

Event Description

Lauren Aitch is an athlete, entrepreneur, designer, philanthropist, and Michigan State University alumna. She played center for Spartans Women’s Basketball for five years while earning both her bachelor’s in advertising and design and her master’s in public relations. After graduating, Lauren left East Lansing for the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen, where she played professional basketball for another year. It was there Lauren found her true passion—fashion design. Growing up, Lauren was taller than most girls her age, making it difficult to find clothes that both fit and complemented her body type. Lauren’s stay in Denmark provided both the inspiration and opportunity to design her own clothing line. Her designs and sample garments laid the groundwork for her company, Lady Aitch. Amid starting her new business, Lauren also worked with Dr. Jim Potchen and the Michigan State University Health Teams to develop the mission for her non-profit, The Aitch Foundation. The Aitch Foundations raises money for early detection of hidden cancers and holds the annual Hidden Key Fashion Show at Spartan Stadium, enlisting former student-athletes and community leaders as the show’s fashion models. The first show, held just 20 days after Lauren’s return from Denmark, raised $10,000 and featured clothing designed specifically for her former teammates. Today, Lauren designs custom suits for Lady Aitch and is transitioning her patterns for ready-to-wear. She has started another company, Our Own, which produces high-performance undershirts for people in public-service occupations, such as police officers and hospital workers. Lauren is a designer-in-residence at The Runway, a Lansing-based fashion incubator.

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