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Michigan State University

Innovate State | Brett Kopf

Event Description

Brett Kopf is the co-founder of Remind, the largest K–12 education platform in the U.S. Diagnosed with ADD and dyslexia in the fifth grade, Brett struggled with his learning disabilities, until he met a teacher who changed the way he approached learning. He was empowered by what he was capable of achieving and has made it his life’s mission to connect every student with their own Mrs. Whitefield. Since Brett and his brother David founded Remind in 2011, the company has grown to more than 20 million educators and families in over 90% of school districts. Remind has been featured in Venturebeat, CNBC, Fortune, WSJ, Buzzfeed, Fastcompany and NYT. A native of Chicago and proud alumnus of Michigan State, Brett lives in San Francisco with his fiancée and loves visiting schools around the country.

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