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Michigan State University

Innovate State | Shaniqua Davis

Event Description

Shaniqua (Shawn) Davis is a digital marketing and tech enthusiast with over seven years of experience developing tech solutions. A Detroit native, Shaniqua learned early on to use innovative techniques to gain both experience and significant opportunities for advancement. In 2016 Davis launched Noirefy, a platform that connects minority candidates and companies together to drive diversity and inclusion globally. She is currently based in Chicago, IL and has been featured in several national media outlets, including Forbes and Marie Claire magazine for her work with Noirefy. Davis was also awarded and recognized as the 2017 Midwest Women in Technology, Talent Development award recipient and selected as one of WeWork’s Young Innovators 2017. Shaniqua is an MSU alumna and studied Media and Information. Free pizza and pop will be provided!

Tags: Entrepreneurial,MSUBA,Michigan State University,Alumni Association