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Michigan State University

Innovate State | The Busley's

Event Description

Michigan born and raised, Denise and Mike Busley met one another while attending Michigan State University. After graduating in 1980, they moved to Southern California where Denise worked in Medical Sales, and Mike worked in the Aerospace/Defense industry. In 1996, the couple moved from Southern California to Traverse City, where they started the Grand Traverse Pie Company. Together with their original Pie Shop team, they worked for several years to cultivate (and bake into) their company’s culture the values of respect, service, and quality. Because of the efforts of many wonderful team members, Grand Traverse Pie Company has evolved into a Bakery Café, boasting fifteen locations across Michigan and Indiana. In addition to the Grand Traverse Pie Shops, there is a central dough production and internet fulfillment facility in Traverse City. The company’s Corporate Support Office is also in Traverse City. Grand Traverse Pie Company’s values center around the Power of Pie: positive, productive, good-hearted people focusing on making “amazing pie with purpose.” Positively affecting the lives of those served by Grand Traverse Pie Company is the Delicious Cycle that never ends! Today, Denise dedicates her efforts to the awareness and eventual elimination of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Mike continues to serve as Grand Traverse Pie Company’s president. They reside in the most fabulous place anywhere: Traverse City, Michigan! Free pizza and pop will be provided!

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