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Michigan State University

Carl Winans | Innovate State

Event Description

Carl Winans is a designer, digital strategist and serial entrepreneur with an advertising background and more than 17 years of experience. Carl began his career freelancing design while attending Michigan State University and founded RIPE Interactive in early 1998 after graduating with a degree in advertising. In late 2003, he and four friends founded Elemental, a small digital marketing agency. Carl subsequently built a network of partnerships and clients throughout Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles. He then launched Oceanvue, a marketing and idea development ?rm, in late 2008. With Oceanvue growing, Carl launched two new projects. He co-founded Rebound, a start-up that helps you remember the web, and Mega Tiny Corporation, a product development company. Carl's entrepreneurial drive asserted itself during his college career when, by day, he would skip classes to design, print and sell t-shirts out of his dorm and, by night, attend the local comedy club to perform amateur stand-up. He found himself quickly returning to classes, however, when MSU sent Carl a letter stating he couldn't run a business out of his dorm and the comedy club strongly advised him not to quit his day job.

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