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Michigan State University

CWTP | How Chinese Are You? Thinking About Chinese Adoptee Identities

Event Description

Andrea Louie, professor, Department of Anthropology Chinese adoption creates families whose origins span national borders. Thinking about U.S. families with children adopted from China enables us to consider important questions relating to the cultural and racial identities of transnationally and transracially adopted children. In this talk, I’ll discuss my anthropological research conducted with Asian American and white adoptive parents of children from China, focusing on how white parents who try to instill a sense of Chinese cultural heritage in their children approach the issues of race and culture, and how this may differ for Asian American adoptive parents. I’ll also discuss the various ways that adopted teens assert their own identities as they come of age within the shifting U.S. politics of race, ethnicity, and identity

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Captioned Livestream Event

A captioned version of the livestream will be made available post event. To view the captioned version of this livestream, please follow this link.