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Michigan State University

Nigel Paneth, MD | Epidemics: Fact & Fiction

Event Description

We seem to be confronted with new epidemics all the time. Some operate in far-away places,coming to us accidentally, such as SARS, MERS, and Ebola. Others are closer to home, such as AIDS, obesity or perhaps cancer. What makes a disease “epidemic? How should we think about epidemics? Are epidemics always of communicable or infectious diseases? Is our globally-connected world now at higher risk of epidemics? And if so, how safe should we feel? Can we do anything to protect ourselves? Drawing both on past epidemics and the current situation, Nigel Paneth will discuss some epidemic facts and fallacies, focusing especially on how epidemics spread, and what can be done to prevent them, or at least limit their damage. He will also describe the important national and international public health efforts to control epidemics, much of which takes place without publicity.

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