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Spartan Sagas

  • Author:
    Robert Bao
  • Published:
    Spring 2012

Name: Jordan Levin

Affiliation: Alumnus, 1999

Current Residence: Bloomfield Hills, MI

Jordan Levin never gives up

“I am someone who has always been relentless,” Levin says. “Someone who has never taken ‘no’ for an answer. Someone who has always been able to push through any obstacle that has ever been set forth in front of me.”

This is a man who pushes through the barriers in life and helps others find their own way down hard roads. “We (Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation) work with local hospitals, and we work with them on helping economically challenged kids and families to become healthy. A lot of times, families have a hard time getting healthy. One, they may not know what to do. Two, they may know what to do, but they don’t have the resources to do so. We try to help them with that. We allow them to come and work out at the facility or they can work out at part of the hospital, which has different programs with psychologists and nutritionists and things like that.

Levin  finds ways to help others  find peace of mind and body. “Everybody has kids, wives, husbands, families; a big house, a small house; stress, you are caring for another family member—things like that.When you come into my facility, you have about one hour to let loose, forget about all that, and just focus on what we are doing and enjoy yourself.”

The peace he helps others tap into helps him plug into his own. “When I go to sleep at night—don’t get me wrong, it takes me a long time to fall asleep because my mind is always going. Yeah, granted, I have a lot of things on my plate, but it is all positive things. the more things I do, the more enjoyment I get out of it.But it is not even about money. It is just about helping people and having fun with it and seeing the smile on other people’s faces. That is all that matters to me.”

Since the day he was born— three months premature— Jordan Levin has been a  after. Levin taught himself to read lips and, with encouragement  from his parents, learned not only to speak, but also to achieve and help others achieve in a world he can’t hear. After earning a bachelor’s degree in business from MSU, Levin found his calling as a motivational speaker and  fitness trainer.In addition to running his own fitness business, Levin helps young people overcome challenges to live healthier lives through the charitable organization he founded, the Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation.