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President's Perspective

  • Author:
    M. Peter McPherson
  • Published:
    Winter 2004

            Welcome to another edition of the MSU Alumni Magazine.  Once again, it showcases some of the many wonderful things happening here at MSU.

            I was very pleased to serve our nation and help restore Iraq’s financial sector. In fact, Friday, Jan. 16 marked the completion of the transition to a new currency. This was one of the many problems that we addressed successfully during my time in Iraq. The transition to a new currency means that not only has Saddam Hussein been captured, but his image is now removed from the currency. It is yet another signal of a new era in Iraq.

            The honor of serving my country is surpassed only by the honor of serving my alma mater as president. I am so very pleased to have this opportunity and am very glad to be back.  Upon my return, I immediately set to work on our campaign to bring the Rare Isotope Accelerator to Michigan, deal the very serious state funding situation that continues to challenge us, the $1.2 billion Campaign for MSU, and address other matters important to the future of this great university.

            Our success in these endeavors rests upon the strength of our faculty, the promise of our students, and the enduring support of our alumni. We have a compelling scientific case for bringing RIA to Michigan because our faculty came up with the idea for this next big innovation in nuclear science, which is one of the top priorities in the nation’s science agenda. Strong statewide grassroots support help us fight off deep state funding cuts for MSU Extension and the Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station – programs that meet critical needs in Michigan. The generosity of our donors means that we continue to make great progress toward our fundraising goal, even during difficult economic times. Clearly, MSU is stronger and better because of all this steadfast support and leadership.

            This issue of the magazine once highlights a few of the many exciting things happening at MSU – things that make us a good investment and reflect our enduring commitment to advancing knowledge and transforming lives. Two of our recent graduates, winners of prestigious international scholarships, share their experiences studying at Cambridge University, England. We take a look at MSU’s leading position in the academic field of popular studies. We celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of our public television station and look forward to the new era of digital broadcasting. In addition, we provide the latest news and updates about MSU people, programs, and alumni.

            In closing, let me once again thank for your continued interest and support.


Peter McPherson