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President's Perspective

  • Author:
    Lou Anna K. Simon
  • Published:
    Summer 2005

            It’s been an unusually busy summer at MSU.

            Over the last couple of months, I’ve traveled to Washington, China and Japan to meet with a wide variety of MSU partners, supporters and alumni and talk about some of the great things happening at MSU as well as our vision for its future.

            We’ve also been looking back, as we continue to celebrate our sesquicentennial. Just across the street from the Administration Building, students, faculty and community members literally have been uncovering MSU history as the focus of an archeological project to explore the site of the university’s first residence hall, Saints’ Rest, alongside the MSU Museum.

            Some new friends have arrived in the Hannah Administration building and some old ones are moving on to new challenges. MSU’s new provost, Kim Wilcox, is settling in, while John Hudzik tackles some special projects that you’ll be hearing more about in coming weeks. Allison Barber will be moving into an office just down the hall as secretary of the Board of Trustees and executive assistant to President, succeeding Sue Carter, who returns to teaching and the pursuit other interests.

            We had a close call in July when one of the terrorist bombs in London exploded literally outside the doors of students and faculty who were participating in our study abroad programs there. Thankfully, everyone was safe and “Team MSU” team did a terrific job of responding to a difficult situation, accounting for all our folks over there and communicating quickly and clearly with both those on-site and back here in the States.

            We’ve also had to make some difficult decisions about budget and tuition issues in July, a situation made more complicated by continuing uncertainty about the status of the state budget. Offering quality and value to our students and stakeholders is an essential part of MSU’s mission: Keeping our promise to alumni that the value of their MSU degree would continue to increase over the years; addressing the increasingly complex problems that confront today’s world; and continuing to be an engine for economic development and quality of life in Michigan as we have since our founding 150 years ago. You can find more detailed information about our budget and tuition decisions at:

            If you’re able to get back to East Lansing this fall, I hope you’ll join us on campus as we continue to celebrate MSU’s rich tradition and history at a wide range of sesquicentennial events ( I invite you to participate as we remember our past, connect with our present and engage with our future.

            Think of it as a kind of family reunion. Because as a member of “Team MSU,” you’re an important part of an extended family that stretches across the country and around the world, all the way back to the founding of the university 150 years ago, and forward to a future we’re still imagining. Thank you for your continuing support.

            Lou Anna K. Simon, Ph. D.

            President, Michigan State University