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  • Author:
    Paula M. Davenport
  • Published:
    Summer 2014


            I read the article — in the 2014 spring issue of the MSU Alumni Magazine — on the Renaissance of Jewish Studies at MSU with great pride. I thank you for sending me a copy and your kind letter. Michigan State and MSU Jewish Studies have been my passion for most of my adult life. I am very proud of what has been accomplished at MSU in all areas and especially with the Jewish Studies Program.

            You did a great job on the article. How pleasing it was to be featured right after the Rose Bowl article.

            Michael B. Serling ’66, JD ’70, Birmingham

            (Correction: A story on “The Renaissance of Jewish Studies at MSU,” published in our spring 2014 issue, contained an error. MSU recently held its 22nd Rabin Lecture, not its 21st.)


            Thank you for keeping all alumni that contribute and receive the fantastic MSU Alumni Magazine informed. The 2014 spring issue was very much appreciated. I had a most rewarding experience in Pasadena. The Rose Bowl article was the final frosting on my “bucket list.”

            Having finished at MSU in horticulture in 1968, I did an internship in Ypsilanti at Durant’s Flowers, married a wholesale hard goods salesman, moved to Toledo, Ohio, and opened a retail flower shop in 1982 with my husband. I sold the shop in 2004. My husband passed away in 2005 and life goes on.

            Just prior to the MSU/OSU football game I received a call from a former employee, Patricia Duggan. She works for FTD, the online floral service. She asked me to join her and FTD at the Rose Bowl as a volunteer. I said “yes” – it was a win win.

            And win we did! How proud I was to donate time to watch the Spartan’s perform. At 67 and living in Ohio for more than 40 years, I’m still a Michigan girl whose blood runs green and white and PURE Michigan. Go Green!

            Jean M. (Heddins) Emery, ’68